Individual Male Amulet


  • Unique and manly pendant.
  • Handmade.
  • Created by combining white and yellow gold.
  • Decorated with four subtle diamonds.
  • The amulet is hung on a pint of black leather cord. With gold clasp.

A unique, authentic family amulet created by hand for a specific customer.

Amulets are created only for individual customers: by combining details, graphics, shapes and materials. The encryption and description of the work, sketches and jewelry variations remain with the customer.

Individual Male Amulet :

Individual Male Amulet: created by the family – all the initials of children and parents are obvious, stylized and composed. Gently angled shape and monumental letter lace. Round, closed amulet frame and shape – gently wraps the letters of family members arranged in it, combines them into one visual “fabric”, decorated with four subtle diamonds.

YURGA Unique, individual jewelry.

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