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Vėrinys Spalvotas
Vėrinys Spalvotas

“Colorful” Natural Stone Necklace

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  • Necklace Colored from multicolored agate and jasper stones.
  • At its center is a silver bird decorated with a drop of gold.
  • It is an everyday and at the same time visible piece of jewelry.
  • Handmade sterling silver clasp.
  • The length of the necklace is traditionally 43 cm.

A fun piece of jewelry that matches all colors of clothing and occasions.

The color of the gemstones is never identical, therefore every necklace is different while retaining its character and composition. The hue of each necklace may differ slightly from the necklace depicted in the photo. Production time could take up to four weeks if this necklace is not available in our store at the moment.

Necklace Colorful :

– like summer itself – light, warm, carefree, albeit fast-paced, but its biggest secret, apparently, is that it always comes back – always new. Every year it is more and more expected. More and more mature. It’s different.

YURGA Birds Collection.

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