One of the two sides of the pendant with GLLK initials

Unique Men’s Gold Amulet


  • Subtle, individual and personal composition.
  • The amulet has no “bad” side – it is double-sided.
  • Created by combining white and yellow gold.
  • Decorated with white diamonds.
  • Handmade.
  • Delicately selected amulet cord, made of natural black leather, with a gold clasp.

Unique, handmade, luxurious and at the same time casual jewelry. “Built” from meaning and symbolism.

An individual order created by combining design and composition together with the ordering family.

Unique Men’s Gold Amulet :

Created for a specific family – all the initials of the family members are elegantly composed here. The amulet is double-sided – meaningful, does not try to please fashion, but is stylish and at the same time masculine. Combined on the principle of contrast – a gentle, impeccable, unobtrusive round shape and openwork, light, but at the same time strong pattern. Its most important graphic rhythm is the play of horizontal and vertical lines.

We will not discreetly present the symbolism, encryption, and in-depth explanation of the composition here, leaving the details at the disposal of the family and the host.

Designed to be a constant satellite in everyday life, making it massive.

YURGA individual, unique jewelry.