Openwork Handmade Heart


  • Stylized gold ‘lace’ – intricate, meticulous and authentic handmade.
  • Deliberately chosen correctly – an irregular form.
  • The heart is designed for a specific family.
  • Rose 18K gold;
  • Precious stones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires.
  • In the center – a great family sapphire – a family heritage.
  • A hand-embroidered and sewn silk ribbon is matched to the jewelry.

Restrained luxury & modern classics.

A slightly broader description of the Heart can be found below. The creation and execution of jewelry took almost a year.

Openwork Handmade Heart,

Created by order of the grandmother for her daughter’s family, on the occasion of the wedding. At the request of the family, the encryption of this work is not described – we have the opportunity only to mention that the eye in the center is a very meaningful and old symbol of the coat of arms for a noble family. Part of the family heraldry, which is embedded in a modern, openwork golden lace and a restrained, symmetrical heart shape.

YURGA Single Individual Works.

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