Pendant “Little Anchor”

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  • Pendant Anchor is a laconic and symbolic jewelry.
  • Polished sterling silver.
  • Dimensions: 18 mm x 12 mm.
  • Hanged on a traditional silver or gold chain, silk ribbon, or bead necklace.

If we don’t have the pendant in the store at the moment, production will take up to three weeks.

Pendant Little Anchor

because, after all, we all know what a fun and important symbol an anchor is: it has accompanied us on safe journeys of life since ancient times, holding in place our many large and small ships at the shores of a cozy home…

Archaeologists say they found the oldest anchor drawing in the temple of Pharaoh Sahur, Egypt, which was built nearly 5,000 years ago!

The Greeks and Romans considered the anchor a sacred instrument and a symbol of the sea gods, and for Christians the anchor of a ship with this symbol (transverse at the top of the anchor) was always like a cross – a symbol of endurance, hope and salvation.

Part of our YURGA Signs collection.

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