Pakabukas Ramunėlė
Pakabukas Ramunėlė
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Pakabukas Ramunėlė

Silver Pendant “Daisy”


  • The pendant is designed to celebrate maturity, spring and all new beautiful beginnings – a great, symbolic gift and a beautiful memory!
  • The pendant can be decorated alone, or combined with other YURGA plants from the Herbarium collection and collect your own bouquet-necklace.
  • To decorate with chamomile alone, our ‘diamond’ chain, or organza ribbon, is best.
  • Sterling silver;
  • Dimensions: diameter 13 mm.
  • The daisy has a great package with a beautiful and meaningful description.

Subtle simplicity. An ideal gift.

If we were to not have the Daisy in our online shop right now, its production would take up to three weeks.

Classic Bail

Silver Pendant Daisy

blooming just like in the real summer meadows – to make life merrier, and keep its flowers from ever wilting!

Part of the YURGA Herbarium collection.

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