Kids’ Pendant “Little Heart”

SKU: 10210009


  • Cozy, classic, cute.
  • Combination of polished sterling silver with artistic blackening.
  • Compatible with silver chain, rubber cord, silk cord, etc.

A great gift for the most beautiful holidays.

If we were to not have a Little Heart in our YURGA online store today, it will take up to four weeks to craft. A more detailed description can be found below.

Kids’ Pendant Little Heart

In a safe silver circle, in your house – a small heart lives safely and comfortably. Framed as a portrait, she will become the custodian of beautiful moments and memories.

Polished silver is combined with an oxidized, hand-contrasting blackened background that highlights the little heart.

Suitable for beautiful childhood celebrations and meaningful occasions in life. It goes well with the diamondized chain, the black rubber cord, and with the silk cord for babies.

A part of the YURGA Kids collection.

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