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Pendant “Letter R”


  • Pendant letter R: designed to be a stylish, delicate, meaningful but casual piece of jewelry and a meaningful gift
  • Handmade.
  • The dimensions of the letter R are about 9 – 10 mm.
  • Can be combined with another letter, or multiple letters.
  • Sterling silver decorated with solid 14K gold bumps.
  • When two or more letters are chosen, they are extended so that they are all clearly visible in the overall composition.
  • Silver letters are produced only with a silver extension.

A subtle, meaningful, handmade gift.

If we didn’t have the letter R in our store today, it would take up to three weeks to produce. Below you can choose which R letters you would like (silver & gold or solid gold). A more detailed description of the pendant can be found below.


Personalized Silver Or Gold Letter:

Pendant “Letter R”:  is always handmade, so every time all the letters we make are barely different and there is all the beauty in it! ‘R’ – small, so it will subtly adapt to everyday life and decorate the holiday. Nothing is more individual and at the same time more decorative than the letter of a name – it has more meaning in itself than any other sign or symbol. The letter has accompanied us since childhood and will always accompany us – the letter R comes with a special asymmetrical “character” that we emphasize with gold bubbles and make it playful, fun, flirty. 🙂

The pendant is perfect with a gold or silver chain, silk ribbon or original YURGA colored necklaces. It looks good to have several letters together – in which case we often make special silver or gold extensions for your chosen letter. This way one letter is higher than the other and both are perfectly visible.

The letter can also be worn on a bracelet, combined with the YURGA necklace Bouquet. In the photos, we attach examples of letter compositions to make it easier to imagine! And also – we show the hand-folded, luxuriously white and sympathetic packaging of our letters with the most beautiful wishes.

14K gold; its colors can be chosen – white, yellow, pink. Each order – individual, made by hand, can be individualized, decorated with a stone or precious stone. In the gallery, you’ll find a photo with a two-letter variation for a mom whose kids will be given letters as they grow up. If you want an individual solution – let’s match the order and the price.

The letter R is part of the YURGA Letters collection. It fits the entire alphabet!

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