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Pendant “Letter I”


  • The Letter “I”, designed to be an everyday but stylish piece of jewelry and a valuable, stylish and practical gift.
  • Handmade.
  • Silver and solid gold bubbles – no gilding!
  • When two or more letters are chosen, they are extended so that they are all clearly visible in the overall composition.
  • Silver letters are produced only with a silver extension.


Sterling silver letter, decorated with contrasting solid rose 14K gold bubbles, greatly universal for everyday, matching with various attires and styles.

The production time could take up to four weeks if this pendant – Name’s Letter I would currently be unavailable in our online store. It can be selected from silver decorated with gold bubbles, or golden – below are the available combinations of precious metals. Further description can be found below that as well.

Rose Gold 14K
Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
White & Rose Gold 14K
White Gold 14K
Yellow Gold 14K

Individualized Silver Or Gold Pendant :

there is no thing more individual, meaningful and cheerful than your own name’s letter(s)! Created from polished silver and decorated with solid gold “shoes”. Handcrafting is accentuated in this letter – a peculiar “puerility” in a static and simplistic composition and character. However this selection in particular makes this piece more serious – its exceptionality and the designer’s touch is noticed immediately along with the symmetrical letter “I” axis, which doesn’t seek any ornamentals or details (the letter ‘I’ itself – minimalistic and sympathetic, inviting to this game).

Silver letter “I” will be embellished with contrasting solid rose gold bubbles – no gilding, since it has to decorate a person for a longer time, the gold cannot wear down. This combination is only possible when handcrafting jewelry, carefully connecting and soldering silver with gold.

This pedant matches perfectly with a gold or silver chain, silk cord or original YURGA colorful beaded necklaces. A few letters look great together – in this case we often make special silver or gold extensions for your selected letter. This little letter can also be worn on a bracelet, combined with the YURGA necklace “Bouquet”. In the pictures we added examples of the letter compositions, so that it’s easier to imagine! And also – we show our hand-folded, luxurious white and likable letter packaging with a sweet wish.

“I” letter measures at about 10 mm.

When wanting to order a golden letter, its price will be 180 Eur. (14K gold; its colors can be selected between – white, yellow, rose). Each order – individual, handmade, can be individualized, decorated with a stone or diamond. In the gallery you will find a picture with a two-letter variation, meant for a mother, whose children, when grown up, will be gifted these letters. If you wish for an individual solution – arrange the order and price.

The letter “I” is part of the YURGA Letters collection. The entire alphabet fits there!

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