Sidabrinis pakabukas Žvaigždėtas kryželis

Silver Pendant “Starry Cross”


  • Silver pendant Star cross.
  • Every cross is different.
  • Created by hand.
  • Sterling silver, 14K rose gold bubbles. The handcrafting is especially emphasized by the asymmetrical and deliberately chaotic stars ornamentation.
  • Bubbles – golden and solid – no gilding.
  • Dimensions: length 18 mm – width 14 mm.
  • You can choose the original package-stand suitable for the cross (photo below).

It can be made of silver alone, or adorned with gold – a symbolic and delicate, hand-hammered and polished surface with small shining stars.

If we were to not have a Starry Cross in our YURGA online store today, it would take four to five weeks to produce. Select the desired combination of the cross’ materials. A more detailed and beautiful description can be found below.


Silver Pendant Starry Cross :

it is small, created with archaic ancient techniques – hand-hammered and polished silver. Decorated with small shining gold stars, the sky shines with signs on a velvety night. The stars have landed here to shine: not only will they lead the way, but they are home to their biggest dreams!

Every gold bubble is solid – no gilding, so the gold will never rub off, and the cross itself will remain fashionable and, of course, timeless. Silver is considered a symbolic metal of the soul, and gold has a more material, earthly origin. Their combination makes sense and we can combine them because YURGA jewelry is created by hand. For this reason, each of our crosses will be a little different, different and unique – that’s all their beauty! We will make them maintaining similar proportions, composition and the character of their design.

Part of the YURGA Signs collection.

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