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  • Custom, unique piece reminiscent of a small graphic artwork or cute silver illustration.
  • Handcrafted.
  • When you order your own Summer Clouds, we will find your one and the only version of the pendant, we will select materials and stones.
  • Silver, gold ( 14K).

Creation, production, and certification of the pendant will take up to two months.  Let’s coordinate the details!  See below for a more detailed description. 

Pendant Summer Clouds (II):

The purpose of jewelry is to decorate, delight, and stand out!  To talk about how we cannot be without it.  We are perfect and beautiful – why would we need any jewelry?

That’s why it should be not just an object, a combination of materials, or a fashion statement, or just a pendant, but it should be a piece of art!  And this, if you wish to know, does not cost anything – the talent of the artist is usually a “bonus”, an added value for the customer’s taste, understanding, and sense of style. J

This piece is absolutely unique, handcrafted – each one of them will be created differently.  Unique.  Special.  One-of-a-kind.  That’s why it is best to write to us before placing the order (you can do it below in our live chat).

Summer Clouds are like different verses of the same song.  The pendant is descriptive, reminiscent of a picture or a book illustration, when looking at it brings out a story in the viewer’s mind!  You can choose the color and quality of gold, decorate it with your favorite stones.  You can wear it with a gold or silver chain, or, perhaps an organza ribbon?  You can adorn it with a silk ribbon hand-embroidered with your family monogram.  There is no limit to the ideas.

Dimensions of the pendant (oval) – 6.0 x 4.2 cm with the eye.

Silver pendant Summer Clouds (II).  Unique, handcrafted creation.

Summer Clouds– part of YURGA  Sky Collection, Sketch No. II.