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Golden Pendant “Tree of Life”

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  • Fabulous, symbolic and rich jewelry.
  • Handmade, unique jewelry.
  • Made of 14K rose gold and pink and green tourmalines.
  • It can be hung on a gold chain, or a hand-embroidered silk ribbon.
  • Diameter: 40 mm.

Meaningful history & timeless design by Jurga Lago;

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Golden Pendant Tree of Life :

created because trees have always been a part of the human landscape, they always accompanied us, represented the connection of heaven and earth, united different worlds, connected the unconnectable – the material and the spiritual.

Lithuanians carefully protected and respected their trees since ancient times. The tallest and the highest tree was called “home”, “chief” or “elder”, and fruit trees were respected for being a source of prosperous years, abundance and flourishing.

A tree is a symbol of never-ending growth, tranquility, steadfastness, and longevity. It seems that a tree lives forever. Ancient Baltic tribes thought that trees housed good spirits of the ancestors, like birds safely nestling in their vast crowns…

Part of the YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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