Pakabukas Pasaulio medis
Pakabukas Pasaulio medis
Pakabukas Pasaulio medis

Pendant “Tree of The World”

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  • Ancient Balts worshiped flowers and trees, not without reason: a tree is like a man – firm, unbendable, longevous. A flower, however is fragile, light and easily withers away, but nature’s greatest treasure is its power, and its beauty is its diversity, growth and never-ending circle of life.
  • It can be worn on a silver chain or black India rubber string
  • Handcrafted with love and care utilizing polished sterling silver.
  • Measurements – 11 mm. diameter.
  • Looks great on both sexes.

Production time could take up to three weeks, if the Tree of pendant is not available our in store at the moment.

Pendant Tree of The World

the symbol of strength, permanence and growth, connecting earth with the sky, its darkness with light. Symmetrical and subtle “Tree of the world”, a ring that resembles a fragile flower, which grows towards the Sun and evinces the waking nature and spring, when everything that lives starts growing frantically! When everything is in front of your eyes and life promises to be light and long, just as the early Lithuanian spring…

Part of the YURGA Signs collection.

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