Gold Ring “Four of Us”


  • A ring with four birds having fun traveling together – around their small world – in Four, which is as mundane, familiar and simple as life can be …
  • Handmade.
  • 18K gold & tourmaline.
  • The ring is absolutely unique, so you can choose another stone and the desired color of gold: pink, yellow, or white (the surface of the white ring will be covered with rhodium).
  • The price of the ring will change at a higher diameter (from size 19).
  • The minimalist and at the same time rich design of Jurga Lago following an idyllic tale.

If you choose another stone or gold color – let’s agree on the price before starting production, which will take up to five weeks. A broader and more poetic description of the ring can be found below.

Rose Gold 18K
White Gold 18K
Yellow Gold 18K

Gold Ring Four of Us

this world of the Four Birds is small, but the journey around it takes… a lifetime because it is very rich – a sense of meaning, happiness and fullness. Ever-changing, every day different, although it has its own routine, but like a well-functioning clock, it accurately counts the days, full of discoveries, growth and wonder – how incredibly big a small world can be when living in the Four! How deep a sense of meaning can be and what a sincere, true friendship!

Going together we will never get lost in the dark forests of search, we will never feel lonely in the wide sky, we will never be left in a gray sadness… the journey will be full of wonderful adventures: hills and hills, romantic sunsets and promising sunrises, sunrises colorful landscapes, the funniest birds chirping!

And so for an eternity, because in this magical journey in the Four, as in all other journeys, the most important thing is a fun, loyal company!

The ring is part of the YURGA’s Individual Orders collection, as making two identical would be simply pointless, and perhaps impossible.

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