Gold Ring “Guardians of Happiness”


  • A great, likeable story and solid materials are a combination of learning to value.
  • 14K gold & sapphire.
  • Handmade.
  • The color of gold can be chosen – pink, yellow, or white. Pictured blue sapphire 0.02 ct. but you can also choose a diamond.
  • Ring width: 4 mm.
  • Weight: ~ 4.81 g. (weight – preliminary, depends, of course, on your size).
  • Delicate and at the same time meaningful design of Jurga Lago.

Delicate, casual yet authentic design.

The duration of the ring production, testing and gemstone certification would take up to five weeks. A more romantic description of the Guardians of Happiness is below.

White Diamond
Rose Gold 14K
White Gold 14K
Yellow Gold 14K

Gold Ring Guardians of Happiness :

Because that is the life when the most precious things have to be protected, they need patience, tenderness, sometimes even endurance, and sometimes strength of strong character. Especially today, when people everywhere are looking for easy happiness, because it does not come so usually – they often like trials, steep stairs of life, dark ladders of destiny.

To be able to protect it – calmly, patiently, as simply as our grandparents did (who apparently did not use a word like “happiness”, calmly roamed in everyday life and did not know themselves that they were happy!) A wonderful road full of gifts and blooms , miraculous with its discoveries opens up to those who deserve it. Those who know how to protect are also given the gift of joy!


The Guardians of Happiness ring is part of the YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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