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Žiedas mažutis Bučinukas
Žiedas mažutis Bučinukas
Žiedas mažutis Bučinukas

Ring “Little Kiss”


  • Because the most important things in life are often small and sometimes even invisible!
  • An absolute favorite of yours and ours!
  • Handmade.
  • Sterling silver, decorated with a solid silver or 14K gold bubble. The ring Kiss can also be completely gold. Choose the gold color and finger size below. A more detailed description of the ring – even below.

Another wonderful work of YURGA – Ring Little Bird – fits perfectly with the Kiss – giving the overall composition a different meaning – one of discovery, definition & realization!

Subtle minimalism and not only beautiful but also meaningful elegance.

If we were to not have the Little Kiss at the moment in our store, the production time after ordering would take up to three weeks.

Rose Gold 14K
Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
White & Rose Gold 14K
White Gold 14K
Yellow Gold 14K

Ring Little Kiss :

Because small things are usually the most significant – they are good to keep, easy to keep with you at all times, and they are as meaningful as our most beautiful memories or biggest dreams.

Subtle minimalism and moderation, negotiating for all occasions in life, for all situations and wardrobe variations.

The ring will look great both alone and in composition with other YURGA rings. Elegant combination of silver with gold, wonderful and various gold colors Kiss (yellow, pink or white). Because the ring is made absolutely by hand, it is sturdy, hardened and you can choose any variation of it you want. We boldly say that our Kiss is resistant to fashion, because we created the first such ring already in 2008, when the word “minimalism” was still mentioned very minimally. 🙂

The handwork allows YURGA to combine two materials incompatible with factory mass production – silver and solid gold bubble – without any surface gilding, as this way the ring will maintain its impeccable appearance for a lifetime. Also – to match two different gold colors.

YURGA classic.

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