Ring with Diamonds "Guboja" back

Ring with Diamonds “Guboja”

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  • Created by hand from white gold and openwork, intricately designed diamond “lace” – a masterful solution for the designer and jeweler.
  • White 18K gold.
  • The gold surface is plated with rhodium.
  • In the center – one 0.14ct white diamond, and around it – a shining “cloud” of G VS1 diamonds – a total of 104 inlaid, smaller gemstones.
  • Handmade, so each time Guboja will be a little different, individual. The value of the ring is the unique, special design of Jurga Lago, her jewelry of intricate and masterful execution.

No pragmatic minimalism – just a shiny, elegant, delicate plane. Solid gold and diamond openwork, and their intricate lace.

Ring Guboja is created only by individual order. Yes, it can be changed, personalized (then, of course, the price will change). The process takes about two months – the ring is created in our YURGA Spanish workshop by skilled jewelers.

Ring with Diamonds Guboja :

created and inspired by nature – a challenging challenge for a jeweler and designer to realistically replicate it, subtly stylizing it, turning it into a decorative and modern composition.

Guboja in nature – a flowering perennial flower bush, adorned with full-bodied small “clouds” of flowers. The light, graceful twigs of Guboja, studded with openwork, adorn the landscape from early summer to mid-summer. And even in early fall the flower blooms again! Guboja is a companion of bright, warm summers, smelling of honey, wide rich meadows, the sparkling holiday sea and sandy childhood trails. When the sky was lower than our dreams, when the sea was shallower than our imagination, and life was slow, long and simple, leading to cozy childhood homes. Guboja is a flower of childhood meadows, a delicate guardian of memories.

Guboja – loves the sun, heat, fertile sandy soil. Fragile but not proud. Lush but visually easy. Ornate, but “unobtrusive” in the wide landscape of plants – rather subtly elegant, with an unforgettable nostalgic scent, cozy familiarity with its flowering. A childhood summer companion that protects the most beautiful memories – which is why it is also called “baby breath” in English – the child’s breath.

YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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