Round bubble on a rose gold ring adorned with diamonds and sapphires

Gold Ring “Poppy” with Gemstones

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  • Delicate, rich in meaning and visually classic ring shape.Rose 18K gold.
  • When ordering individually, the gold color of the ring can be chosen: pink (pictured), white, or yellow.
  • In the center – a dark, blue (0.03 ct.) sapphire.
  • Twelve (0.07 ct.) white diamonds “sprinkled” around the shining poppies.
  • Product weight: ~ 3.5 g. Every time something changes, depending on the size of the finger and because
  • The ring is handmade.

Meaningful, elegant & classic ring.

If we were to not have the required size of “Poppy” in YURGA e-shop today, the production, hallmarking and certification of the ring will take about 6 weeks. A more detailed description is given below.

Gold Ring Poppy with Gemstones :

Poppy – burning with a light fire when it blooms. And in a box of fertile seeds, patiently guarding your life while waiting…

It is said that poppy seeds have an incredible resilience: they can lie on the ground for many years, germinating only when the right time and favorable conditions come for them. It is said that this happened on the eve of the Battle of Flanders, during World War I, with soldiers digging fortifications in the fields, the fields bloomed with hundreds of brightly colored poppies! Since then, poppies have been a symbol of remembrance for fighters, respect for courage and endurance.

Poppies have been grown for, as some say, 3,000 years. The flower not only fascinated the artists and inspired the poets, but also helped the medics and accompanied them in their daily lives. In addition to its healing, sleep-inducing properties and aesthetics, poppy is the custodian of love, fidelity and feelings. The contrasting plant is the boundary between life and death, paradise and hell, good and evil. Mutes the noise. Calms passions. Sleeps fatigue. Paints a gray landscape. The contrast between the beauty of the flower and the poppy head patiently protecting the seeds is a real metamorphosis and the greatest wonder of nature!

The plant box that protects the poppy seeds is the embodiment of fragility and at the same time resistance. A box that protects survival and life is like a magical vessel of nature, able to maintain the life force in its fragility.

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans associated poppy with rest and good sleep. Due to the soothing effect of plant seeds. For the Greeks, the poppy is a flower of the god of sleep and rest – Morpheus. In Chinese and Japanese cultures, it accompanies family and couples’ celebrations because it signifies deep and passionate and lasting love. In Russia, poppies are a sign of love, success, wealth and permanence. It is said that even the domes of the churches are in the shape of a poppy head – rich in meaning and faith.

Part of the YURGA Flores & DeLuxe collections.

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