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“Eight Blessings” Silver Cross

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  • Wonderful and significant symbolic meaning.
  • Relevant, laconic, and modern design.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Dimensions:  15 mm. x 12 mm.
  • Sterling silver.

Modern & extra meaningful version of a cross.

Production and certification will take up to three weeks if we were to not have the pendant in our online YURGA store.  See below for a more detailed description of the cross.

Eight Blessings Silver Cross –

For some, the cross is a fashionable, subtle accessory adjusting to the contemporary times, for others it is the most meaningful of all Christian symbols. The Church always recognized the variety of forms of the cross. In monk Theodore studies he wrote: “The cross of any form is true, possessing extraordinary beauty and life-giving powers.”

The cross is decorated with eight sharp arrowheads and is typically called the Maltese Cross – this symbol was well known to the Babylonians, and later was adopted by the European knights. They declared that each arrowhead represents a virtue, characteristic to the followers of St. John. The Maltese Cross is a symbol of will, faith, fight for justice, moderation, etc. Typically, it is depicted as white on a red or black background.

The Maltese Cross is interesting in its numeric symbolism. Its quadrilaterals converging at a central vertex traditionally represent four main elements: earth, water, fire, and sky. Each quadrilateral is split in two, as each beginning is twofold: fire can warm and destroy, the sky can be light or dark, the earth can bear life and embrace death, and water can be fresh and deep.

This is a symbolic, subtle and at the same time modern version of the cross. The design reflects the typical YURGA simplicity.

Part of YURGA Signs collection.

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