Silver Pendant “Garnet Berry”


  • A minimalist and stylish pendant for those who believe in the power of stones.
  • One will look subtle, or it will go well with another YURGA pendant – plants from the Herbarium collection and a bird>. Pendant;
  • Silver and polished garnet.
  • The diameter of the pomegranate berry is about 5 mm
  • Part of the YURGA Herbarium collection, which contains a wide variety of ‘berries’ of minerals and stones.
  • Silver and Garnet berry is a laconic and stylish pendant. You need to choose a suitable chain, hang it and combine it with another pendant, or Herbarium necklace.

A subtle gift.

If we were to not have this Gernet Berry Pendant in the YURGA online store today, it will take about four weeks to produce. A more detailed description of the pendant is below.

Classic Bail

Silver Garnet Berry

a beautiful and delicate piece of jewelry that can decorate everyday life and perfectly matches all other jewelry. With its elegant color and minimalist composition, YURGA silver berries complement any wardrobe.

It is possible to decorate the berry alone, or to match it with one of our letter pendants – or something from the desired Herbarium collection – for example – Silver “Rose Petal” Pendant . If we choose a laconic combination of one or two pendants, a “Diamondized” chain is best, if we want to add a garnet to a necklace that combines silver flowers, herbs and other berries, it is better to buy a Silver Herbarium Chain.

Natural garnet with silver.

Berry dimensions: 5mm.

More different minerals and stones in the YURGA Herbarium collection.

Additional information

Semi-Precious Stone

Precious Metal