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Silver Pendant “Malachite Berry”

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Collection Herbarium is about plants, their powers, and meaning.  Collect your own plant collection made of berries, leaves, and flowers that would tell the tale of various events, occasions, and anniversaries!  Never wilting and a very different piece of jewelry!

Pendant Malachite berry is a part of the “Herbarium” collection.  It can be worn on its own or combined with other YURGA silver plants.

Malachite, silver (925).

Dimensions: 7mm diameter.

Production will take up to two weeks if the pendant is not available in the store.

Subtle berry for the Herbarium collection – looks great and minimalist on its own, and better yet together with other berries, flowers, and leaves.

Pendant Malachite berry: Egyptians called malachite a stone of hope and reliability, bringing harmony and happiness to the union.  Egyptians along with Greeks and Romans believed it its healing powers and wore it.  In Egypt, malachite was a stone of the goddess Hathor (in Greece – Aphrodite), as well as Venus.  Malachite is a great amulet or talisman, it attracts attention with its color, yet protects from the „evil eye“, it is said it brings wisdom and joy of life.