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Silver Pendant “Jet Berry”

SKU: 19023


  • Minimalist and elegant pendant – delicate and as an independent jewelry, or in combination and composition with other YURGA silver and gold plants.
  • If jet is your stone – this pendant will be a great gift for yourself!
  • Silver and natural jet.
  • The diameter of the berry is 6 mm
  • More colored (various stones) berries – in our collection Herbarium.
  • Our Herbarium collection consists of parts of different silver or gold plants, flowers or grasses. The collection is designed to create your own necklace – to collect its plants for various occasions of life, to strap them into one great garland of memories.

Silver pendant with a stylish jet berry – a subtle hint, gift and accent.

If we were to not have a Jet Berry Pendant in our YURGA online store today, the stock of berries has run out, then it will take up to four weeks to produce them. A more detailed description is given below.

Silver Pendant Jet Berry :

this stone is special in its properties and appearance! Therefore, the berries are high-quality and natural, dark, like charcoal. Subtly enliven every combination of clothes. Minimalist, elegant and stylish jewelry.

The pendant can be self-contained or go well with other plants and berries in our Herbarium collection. You can also decorate a letter you like created by YURGA – the right initial for you like our letter pendants.

If this pendant – berry will be laconic and self-sufficient, then it will be very suitable for a > “Diamondized” chain, but if you want to combine it with other Herbarium plants, assemble their collection over time and create your own unique necklace, it is better to buy our > Silver Herbarium Chain.

More different colored berries – in the Herbarium collection.

The berries are compatible with the entire Herbarium YURGA collection and all its pendants, such as: Silver Pendant “Little Lily”, Pendant “Apple Blossom”, Pendant “Chamomile” or Pendant “Laurel Leaf” and other silver plants, berries or herbs created by us.