Silver Ring “Serpiente”

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  • A sign of Spring, energy, wisdom and success! “Serpiente” – one of the loveliest Lithuanian symbols.
  • Sterling silver;
  • Dimensions: Width ~ 10 mm;
  • Handmade;
  • Each ring – different, unique, inimitable. And that’s its entire beauty!

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Silver Ring “Serpiente”

A sign of life, energy, immortality and water! One of the most exemplary and meaningful signs of the ancient Lithuanians and Balts, marked as the letter S.

It used to protect the home’s fireplace, take care of the surroundings’ wellbeing, maintained the connection with our ancestry, healed the body and soul. It was even thought that it fostered fertility. The Lithuanian word “žaltys” is etymologically linked with a peculiar archaic word “aušliavas” and, according to Prof. J. Bretkūnas – it meant “healthy, health”.

Our ancestors also believed, that grass snakes are intelligent, wise and savvy creatures. People were respectful of its gaze, while its shining skin and the ability to shed it led to the thought, that a grass snake is undead, reborn and immortal. It was thought that it knows and can do anything, that it protects your home and its owners, that it cares about it and the success on the land. People used to keep grass snakes in their homes and feed them. They held the belief that they loved and protected children and babies – if a child were to harm a grass snake, the creature would never seek revenge.

God Potrimpo is visualized having a grass snake’s body and a coronated human head – a godly figure of the Spring, water, rebirth, success and productivity.

Part of the YURGA Ženklai/Signs collection.




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