Wedding Rings “Little Garden”


  • A symbol of eternity, spring, meeting. Sympathetic, comfortable and – most importantly – cozy!
  • Solid and excellent in everyday 14K gold. Its color can be selected (white, pink, yellow).
  • A woman’s ring (or both of the couple’s rings) can bloom with precious stones when the time comes – diamonds or other precious stones can be inlaid into trees on beautiful occasions of life.
  • Dimensions: ring width 6 mm.
  • Preliminary ring weights (depending on finger size): ~ 7.70 g. ~ 6.70 g.
  • We indicate the price of one ring, which varies from the 19th size.

Artistic, playful and at the same time solid rings.

Production would take up to four weeks. Each ring will be a little different – it is impossible to make two absolutely identical rings by hand – they’d lose all their uniqueness and beauty.

Rose Gold 14K
White Gold 14K
Yellow Gold 14K

Wedding Rings Garden :

Reflecting the cozy, small, blooming garden of our first encounter. It will remain just the same, it will bloom just the same throughout life – with different blossoms that are symbols of renewal, cyclicality and infinity. Trees twirling around the ring will always be fruitful, blooming and abundant – just like in springtime when they are lovingly stroked by the sun.

YURGA Wedding Rings collection.

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