Gold Heart Pendant with Gemstone


  • The special story of the Heart is completely non-banal and time-tested and perfectly “polished”.
  • A gift with lasting value.
  • Handmade.
  • Gold 14K, heart inlaid with your favorite gemstone: diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald?
  • Dimensions: 8 mm. x 10 mm.

One of the most perfect signs of YURGA is the heart. Gold color can be selected.

If we were to not have the Heart pendant in our online store at the moment, its production time will take up to five weeks. A more informative description about this Heart can be found below.


Gold Heart Pendant with Gemstone:

can be decorated with a diamond or sapphire, ruby ​​or emerald. Depending on your taste and choice.

Do you know the origin of the heart symbol? The heart is primarily associated with the triangle: the pyramid and the many meanings of the triangle in various cultures of the world – e.g. the holy Trinity in Christianity. The heart is not a banal or simple sign – it is simply crafted by time and age, its form ‘polished’ to perfection has come to our day, preserving its basic meaning – to protect love.

The pendant is “independent and self-contained” – it can be purchased alone, but the history of its relative is special – this heart was part of another (larger) heart. When we create a composition for a mother and her daughter – when the little one grows up, the little heart is detached from within the openwork larger heart, and on that One Beautiful Day is passed on to the daughter. We named the composition Felicidad (Happiness).

We have made several different, individual variations of this small, usually extraordinary composition. Each is somewhat different because it is made by hand, but the shape, proportions and composition of the golden heart will always be essentially similar. The gold color can be selected: yellow, rose or white (rhodium plated). The pendant will go well with a traditional silver or our handmade gold chain, or an unconventional velvet ribbon, Yurga organza ribbon.

There are two hearts in the photos – designed for a boy (more discreet, with a blue sapphire) and a girl (with a ruby).

Dimensions of the small gold heart: 8 mm. x 10 mm. The gemstone will look best 2 mm. in diameter, (up to 0.02ct).


Part of the YURGA Hearts collection.

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