Gold Amulet with Diamonds “Felicidad”

  • Guardian of childhood. A meaning maker for love in amulet form, if there can be such a thing at all – is here today!
  • Two hearts – a little one – for a daughter and a big one that fits so much that our eyes would never cover! It’s about mother’s love, and that capacious miracle is mom’s heart. It is not for nothing that two birds live comfortably in the rich world of jewelry among the various ornaments, shapes and patterns.
  • Handmade.
  • 18K Gold inlaid with diamonds.
  • Dimensions: 20 mm. x 30 mm.
  • The total weight of the amulet is approximately: ~ 5.5g.
  • YURGA classic and one of our most meaningful creations! We have made several different, individual variations of this composition. The color of gold can be chosen – yellow, pink or white (coated with rhodium).

A special story, performance and a particularly delicate, special design by Jurga Lago.

If we were to not have the Heart in our online store at the moment, it would take up to five weeks to make it. More about this Heart – below.


3500.00 - 3500.00

White Gold Amulet "Felicidad" with small Diamond Heart and eng. writing
Gold Amulet with Diamonds “Felicidad”
3,500.00 Select options
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