• Baltic Amber Bracelet

    • A great gift – for yourself or someone – meaningful and also elegant, absolutely resistant to the change of fashion and style. Fits a man, woman or child!
    • Hand-picked amber – dark or cognac-colored;
    • Baltic amber, sterling silver;

    Baltic Amber Bracelet.

    If we were to not have the Baltic Amber Bracelet  in our online store at the moment, it would take about four weeks to manufacture, test and certify it. A further description of this piece can be found below.

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  • Pendant “Amber Fortune Wheel”

    • The Amber Wheel of Success is a stylish, symbolic gift and piece of jewelry.
    • Pleasant amber matched with sterling silver;
    • You can choose the color amber – look at the photos.
    • Hanging on a silver chain, rubber cord.
    • Dimensions: pendant diameter – 14 mm, width – 5 mm.

    Cozy and simple.

    Choose the color of the amber you like. The chain must be adjusted separately.

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