• Ring with Individual Initials

    • Handcrafted and unique.
    • The inside is gently convex “comfort zone”.
    • Two gold colors are combined – white and contrasting pink polished gold (18K).
    • Diamonds and ruby.
    • 7 mm wide.

    Subtly, elegantly everyday, artistic and meaningful.

      Each individual order is produced and created in about three months.

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  • Individual Ring with Aquamarine

    • The ring is custom made.
    • Yellow 18K gold.
    • Aquamarine.
    • Two textures are combined – matte and polished gold.
    • The basis and axis of the composition of the ring is a gemstone, which is boldly raised above the horizontal of the ring, repeating the motif of the trees (symbolic garden) on the back of the ring.
    • The handmade and authentic, cozy and inviting YURGA composition.

    Each individual order is created by hand, combining the composition of the ring with the customers, searching for the most perfect solution, but maintaining the authentic style and exclusivity of the designer Jurga Lago.

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  • Gold Brooch “Family of Five”

    • Decoratively openworked, playfully serious, impressively mundane.
    • It is small, so it is perfect for all occasions – both celebrations and a beautiful everyday wardrobe.
    • Handmade.
    • In the middle – blue aquamarine.
    • Colored sapphires in bird spouts.
    • Combines two colors of 18K polished gold.

    Nice luxury. Stylish simplicity. Colorful serenity.

    The brooch is handmade, so without it available at the YURGA online store, the production would take about two months. It is possible to individualize it – to choose gems, to subtly change the composition and the number of birds (in this case, the price would also change). Each time the brooch will be somewhat different because making two identical and identical ones is impossible and pointless.

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  • Brooch with Gemstones “Sun Drop”

    • Classic and delicate, modern together.
    • Handmade.
    • Oval, clear aquamarine.
    • Three pink tourmalines.
    • Yellow, imperial topaz.
    • White polished 18K gold, combined with the same rose gold birds.
    • The brooch is cozy and small, so it is not only meaningful and luxurious, but also very practical.
    • Approximate brooch dimensions:
      Width – 22 mm.
      Height – 34 mm.
    • Fun, stylish and at the same time classic. Luxurious, artistic but full of beautiful meaning.

    If we do not have Sun Drop in our online store today, the production of the brooch will take about a month – it is necessary to note that each brooch is handmade, so it is unique, somewhat different and original.

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  • Emerald Ring “Green Window”

    • The green window of life, growth and fullness!
    • Handmade.
    • 18K gold.
    • Special shaped emerald.
    • The ring is unique, different each time and create two identical – impossible.
    • The interior is comfortably convex – a comfortable “comfort zone”.
    • The ornamentation of the ring is deliberately rough, reminiscent of a child’s drawing, subtly asymmetrical, emphasizing handwork and authenticity.
    • When ordering individually, the size of the stone may change – let’s agree on the price. The price of the ring varies depending on its size.

    Playful and cozy.

    The production of the Green Window ring takes up to five weeks.

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  • Gold Family Amulet

    • A unique and original piece of jewelry resistant to changes of time and fashion.
    • Handcrafted.
    • It is possible to make a custom pendant, select the gold and gemstones.
    • Designer – Jurga Lago.
    • Gold 18K, diamonds & ruby.
    • Goes well with gold chains of different colors, or organza ribbon.

    Symbolic and beautiful story.  Lasting value and exceptional design.

    Production will take up to five weeks if we were to not have the Family Amulet in our YURGA store today.  A more detailed description can be found below.

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    Gold pendant EYE – a one-of-a-kind creation, made from white and rose gold, decorated with a giant sapphire.  Each ray has a meaning.

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  • Wedding Rings “Stairs of Happiness”

    • Wedding Rings Stairs of Happiness to lead life forward – to the open forest of common dreams.
    • Rings made of white and rose gold, you can choose the gold’s fineness 14K or 18K.
    • Handmade.
    • Dimensions: ring width 5 mm.
    • Weights: ~ 6.09 g and ~ 5.18 g.

    If we were to not have your rings’ size in our online store today, their production time would take up to five weeks.

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  • Wedding Rings “Two of Us”

    • Wedding rings Two of Us – suitable for all occasions, all wardrobes and all times.
    • These rings can only be created by hand – as always – an object that usually looks quite difficult to make.
    • A combination of white and rose 14K gold in the photo, or a combination of materials you like (when ordering).
    • Ring width – 5 mm.
    • Weights (21 and 16.5 gauges) approximately: ~ 7.05 g. and ~ 4.09 g.

    Stylish & concise.

    By combining the designs, materials and sizes of the Two of Us rings, their production would take up to three weeks. A more detailed description can be found below. If you have any questions, please write us a message.

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  • Ring “Moment”

    • Ring Moment – about special moments.
    • The inside of the ring is slightly convex so that its wide surface fits snugly against your finger.
    • Polished sterling silver.
    • Rose 14K gold birds.
    • Dimensions: ring width 10 mm.
    • Moment weight: ~ 11.79 g.
    • Absolutely handmade.

    Delicate proportions, handmade, elegant ring.

    Without a ring of your size in our YURGA store today, its production time would take up to four weeks.

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  • Wedding Rings “Apples of Paradise”

    • A tale of a rich garden full of life and growth!
    • The rings can be gold (colors can be chosen).
    • 14K fineness gold.
    • Handmade.
    • You can also choose sterling silver decorated with gold edges.
    • Dimensions: ring width 6 – 7 mm.
    • Weights: ~ 6.73 g. & ~ 6.58 g.

    After ordering, the production of these rings would take up to three weeks.

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  • Wedding Rings “Waves”

    • Wedding Rings Waves adorned with rhythmic waves driven by a favorable wind of life.
    • 18K gold, its colors can be chosen. White rings are covered with rhodium.
    • Dimensions: ring width 8 – 9 mm.
    • Weights: ~ 11.98 g. and 10.38 g.

    Upon ordering, the production time of these rings would be up to five weeks.

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  • Ring “Little Bird”

    • Subtly simple bird that came from our childhood dreams when it was easy to be yourself!
    • This ring is handcrafted, and even though it retains its composition and proportions, there will be subtle differences, making it even more beautiful…
    • Can be made from sterling silver or a mix of sterling silver and 14K gold, as shown in the picture.
    • Measurements: Ring’s width – 2 mm.

    Production time could take up to three weeks, if this ring or your size is not available in store at the moment.

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