• Silver & Gold Ring “Family”

    • Symbolic and original ring Family with four birds and one gold heart is for the loving and caring birds from the same nest!
    • Created entirely by hand.
    • Polished silver (925), adorned with a solid contrasting rose color gold heart (14K).
    • Ring Family is wide, approximately 9 mm.
    • Part of the Birds collection.

    The silver and gold ring Family is about the eternal, strongest, and most important connections in the world!  It is about the common family denominator – love.  The combination of precious metals is not accidental – silver is considered a soul metal, and gold is the origin of the material world. YURGA almost never chooses gold plated silver because we appreciate sustainability, longevity, and quality – this is why the heart will be solid gold and will always retain its original look.  This combination of materials is only possible when creating by hand.

    Since the ring is made entirely by hand, you can change its design – select materials, adorn it with precious stones, in this case, we will have to agree on the price in advance.  Production and certification will take up to two weeks. 

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  • Wedding Rings “Two of Us”

    • Wedding rings Two of Us – suitable for all occasions, all wardrobes and all times.
    • These rings can only be created by hand – as always – an object that usually looks quite difficult to make.
    • A combination of white and rose 14K gold in the photo, or a combination of materials you like (when ordering).
    • Ring width – 5 mm.
    • Weights (21 and 16.5 gauges) approximately: ~ 7.05 g. and ~ 4.09 g.

    Stylish & concise.

    By combining the designs, materials and sizes of the Two of Us rings, their production would take up to three weeks. A more detailed description can be found below. If you have any questions, please write us a message.

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  • Wedding Rings “Apples of Paradise”

    • A tale of a rich garden full of life and growth!
    • The rings can be gold (colors can be chosen).
    • 14K fineness gold.
    • Handmade.
    • You can also choose sterling silver decorated with gold edges.
    • Dimensions: ring width 6 – 7 mm.
    • Weights: ~ 6.73 g. & ~ 6.58 g.

    After ordering, the production of these rings would take up to three weeks.

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