Little Silver Brooch “Berries”

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  • Little silver brooch Berries is a witness that beauty lies in simplicity.
  • Suitable for beautiful regular days as well as special occasions.
  • Our jewelers would add that simplicity is a true luxury, as the technique behind creating this brooch is deceivingly complex. Its mirror surface reflects the surroundings, blends with the dress, and when it catches just the right angle of the lighting, it shines cold silver light!
  • Polished sterling silver, black onyx, lazurite, and coral on the photo. This brooch is completely handmade and, therefore, each one is slightly different which makes it particularly beautiful!
  • Dimensions: approximately 35 mm. x 21 mm.

Elegant, minimalist silver piece symbolizing freedom and the fun game we call life.

The production time would take up to four weeks if the brooch was not available in our online store. Various stones are available (must be discussed in advance) – the price can change in this case.

Little Silver Brooch Berries

its polished, even and shiny surface is hinting to the water (or maybe a mirror?), to our inner world which is very deep!  It is the biggest home of our dreams, our secret, safe, and cozy magic fortress, future summers blooming in our imagination….Just as the birds take off easily and leave their home each year in order to return the next, our dreams easily find the way and take us away from the safe routine, banal everyday life, and grip of falsehoods, give us wings and allow us to take off so that we could always find the way home…

Written by: Jurga Lago©

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