• Emerald Earrings “Flora”

    • Handmade.
    • Yellow, contrasting 18K gold;
    • Handmade clasps.
    • Asymmetry, carefully different lengths – subtly attract the eye and emphasize the uniqueness of the earrings.
    • Decorated with funny birds.
    • Playfully combined emeralds of various shapes (4.7ct);
    • White diamonds: 0.08ct;
    • Approximate weight of a pair of earrings: 5.6g;
    • Earrings length – approximately 35mm;

    Original, delicate, artistic and at the same time luxuriously casual earrings.

    If we didn’t have our earrings in the Flora YURGA online store today, it would take about three weeks to make them. True, each pair will be different, because each one is handmade, unique. However, the composition, character and stylistics of the earrings are maintained. A more detailed description is below.

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  • Gold Cross with Diamonds

    • Subtly, luxuriously laconic, simple and elegant solution.
    • White 18K gold;
    • Covered with rhodium.
    • Encrusted with 10 diamonds (0.83ct), one diamond – 0.06ct;
    • All gems color – G, clarity – VS1;
    • Cross proportions: height – 22mm, width – 17mm;
    • Fits perfectly with any of our gold chains (attached below).
    • Suitable for both men and women.

    The ideal everyday companion. Elegant, subtle and meaningful.

    If we don’t have the Cross in our online store today, it will take about three weeks to make it. A more extensive description of it is below.

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  • Braided Bracelet with Pearl “Latte”

    • A stylish and delicate combination.
    • Large, cultured and natural white pearl – about 10mm;
    • Contrasted with soft coffee-colored, braided, Japanese cord.
    • Silver bubbles at the ends!
    • Handmade.
    • The bracelet is ideal for any wrist size.
    • Female or male.

    Everyday delicacy!

    If we were to not have our Latte bracelet in the YURGA e-shop today (which is extremely rare), it will take about two to three to craft it.

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  • Ring with Emerald Letter “i”

    • A unique piece of jewelry.
    • This ring has individually cut and matched gemstones.
    • Emeralds.
    • Yellow, contrasting gold.
    • Handmade.

    Subtly artistic, geometrically natural and reflective ring.

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  • Engagement rings
  • Gold Ring “Spring”

    • A unique, fabulous solution that follows a beautiful story.
    • Only handmade, so it is impossible to create two identical rings and that gives it all of its meaning and beauty!
    • When ordered individually, the gold color of the ring can be chosen as well as the gemstones.
    • Solid 14K gold.
    • This Spring is decorated with clear diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires.
    • The ring has no “bad side” – its entire surface is visually rich.
    • The Spring is valuable in that it does not imitate faceless classics – it is probably so characteristic, exclusive and artistic that it claims to become one itself.
    • Combines matte and polished gold surfaces.
    • When ordering a ring, its price would change from the 19th size.

    Artistic, rich and at the same time hilariously playful jewelry. Protecting history in its time as well as its worth.

    The Spring ring would be created only by individual order. Its production and creative process will take up to six weeks.

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  • Wedding Rings “Stairs of Happiness”

    • Wedding Rings Stairs of Happiness to lead life forward – to the open forest of common dreams.
    • Rings made of white and rose gold, you can choose the gold’s fineness 14K or 18K.
    • Handmade.
    • Dimensions: ring width 5 mm.
    • Weights: ~ 6.09 g and ~ 5.18 g.

    If we were to not have your rings’ size in our online store today, their production time would take up to five weeks.

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  • Engagement Ring “Chamomile”

    • Sympathetic and playful YURGA design, capable of making luxury charming, stylish and boring.
    • Solid white 18K gold;
    • Pictured is the blue diamond (0.2ct);
    • The diamond can be chosen: white, champagne, or blue.
    • Ring (flower’s) diameter – 11mm; with the longest leaf – 16mm;
    • When ordered individually, the chamomile can be made of yellow, rose or white gold (the latter will be plated with rhodium).

    Ideal simplicity and subtle luxury.

    Chamomile ring is made only according to individual order. Its production process takes about two months.

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  • Gold Ring With Diamonds “Private Universe”

    • Created for a beautiful everyday!
    • By ordering individually, the gold’s color can be selected. Pictured – white 18K gold, coated in rhodium;
    • 22 diamonds in this ring (1,32ct);
    • Handmade;
    • Weight ~ 3,59 g. (depends on its size).

    Elegant yet temperate and classical luxury.

    If we were to not have the Private Universe ring or your size in our online store at the moment, it would take about five weeks to manufacture, test and certify it. A further description of this piece can be found below.


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  • Silver Pendant “Pearl Berry”


    Pendant Pearl Berry symbolizes luck, order, and ideal beauty – it is a laconic and stylish hint for those seeking perfection and dreams.

    Sterling silver and this natural white fresh water pearl can be matched with other plants from our Herbarium collection or worn on its own.

    Takes up to two weeks to make, if pendant is not available in store.

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  • Silver Pendant “Turquoise Berry”

    • Delicate, elegant silver pendant with a thick berry.
    • It can be a minimalist and laconic self-pendant, or go well with others.
    • Silver, natural turquoise.
    • Berry diameter: 5mm
    • Part of the YURGA Herbarium collection.

    Silver pendant turquoise berry – a beautiful and meaningful gift.

    If we did not have a Turquoise Berry Pendant  in our YURGA online store at the moment, its production will take four weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Silver Pendant “Daisy”

    • The pendant is designed to celebrate maturity, spring and all new beautiful beginnings – a great, symbolic gift and a beautiful memory!
    • The pendant can be decorated alone, or combined with other YURGA plants from the Herbarium collection and collect your own bouquet-necklace.
    • To decorate with chamomile alone, our ‘diamond’ chain, or organza ribbon, is best.
    • Sterling silver;
    • Dimensions: diameter 13 mm.
    • The daisy has a great package with a beautiful and meaningful description.

    Subtle simplicity. An ideal gift.

    If we were to not have the Daisy in our online shop right now, its production would take up to three weeks.

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  • Silver Pendant “Lazurite Berry”


    Collection Herbarium is about plants, their powers, and meaning.  Collect your own plant collection made of berries, leaves, and flowers that would tell the tale of various events, occasions, and anniversaries!  Never wilting and a very different piece of jewelry!

    Pendant Lazurite berry is a part of the Herbarium collection.  It can be worn on its own or combined with other YURGA silver plants.

    Lazurite, silver (925).

    Dimensions: 5mm diameter.

    Production will take up to two weeks if the pendant is not available in the store.

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  • Pendant “Bird with a Heart”

    • This is how we envision a beautiful everyday life: the jewelry will not persistently catch the eye, but will impress with its sincerity and, at the same time, perhaps, its quality of performance.
    • Sterling silver, decorated with a solid 14K gold heart – no gilding!
    • Can be hung on a silver or gold chain, silk ribbon or bead necklace.
    • Dimensions: 5 mm. x 15 mm.
    • Every bird is always just a little different, there is no one that is ideally identical, because they are made by hand and in it all their value.

    For the most beautiful celebrations of life and for the most picky eyes and hearts.

    These birds are usually our regular guests, but if we were to not have it in our store today, its production would take up to three weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Golden Pendant Brilliant Big Bird

    • When everything fits in a single birdie: quality, meaning and a great design.
    • Handmade.
    • 18K gold, diamonds.
    • Elegant and sturdy hanging hook.

    Special YURGA classic, stylish and meaningful design by Jurga Lago.

    The production time could take up to four weeks if this pendant would currently be unavailable in our online store. Further description can be found below.


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  • Pendant “Cross of Four Stars”

    • Delicate, casual, fashion-resistant design. The essence of the four-star cross is to be stylish while retaining its classic character. To be a lifelong memory, a gift and a companion: suitable for a child, an adult girl and a picky woman.
    • Handmade!
    • Polished sterling silver.

    YURGA’s design and handcrafting are mundanely extraordinary.

    If we were to not have our Four Star Cross at the YURGA online store at the moment, it would take up to four weeks to produce. A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Gold Bracelet “Small Bird”

    • Made of fine 18K gold.
    • Strung on a silk strong cord, the length of which is adjustable, so the bracelet is suitable for any wrist.
    • Gold pendant dimensions: 4 mm x 7 mm;
    • Pendant weight: ~ 0.35 g.
    • Handmade;
    • The bird pendant holds firmly, but can be easily detached – it can be turned into a pendant; also – to wear two, or even several pendants.
    • When ordering individually, the color of the bird’s gold can be chosen (white, rose or yellow gold).

    The Small Bird Bracelet is delicate, exuding a luxurious simplicity.

    If we were to not have the desired gold bracelet in our store at the moment, it would take up to five weeks to make it. A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Unique and Individual Wedding Rings

    • Handmade.
    • Individual, unique design created for a specific couple.
    • The basis – the couple ‘s initials – is to create two different rings that combine common stylistics and shapes, but each has its own “character” and lettering.
    • Wedding rings: practical, everyday, hiding the symbolism dear to the couple and readable-unreadable signs for the outside eye.
    • Two golden colors and textures are combined.
    • Author – Jurga Lago.

    The most perfect design solutions are polished by everyday life.

    Unique and individual YURGA wedding rings are created only after ordering and discussing the design.

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  • Golden Letter, Initial “S”

    • Delicate, jeweler’s skillful performance and playful composition.
    • 18K gold.
    • Diamonds.
    • Handmade.

    Careful performance and delicate diamond insertion alongside a playful composition.

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  • Unique ring with the letter “i”

    • A unique ring with the letter “i” where the rough and archaic texture goes hand in hand with the stylized letter of the customer’s name.
    • Handmade.
    • Individual, unit order.
    • Combines two different colors of gold: white and pink and diamond.
    • Time-resistant, well-thought-out, subtly crafted jewelry.

    A cozy ring for everyday, yet at the same time personal, meaningful & stylish.

    A more detailed description of the work can be found below.

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  • Individual Family Ring “Garden”

    • A ring created by an individual family order – with specific details composed only for these people.
    • Two different textures – highlighting each other, combining matte and polished white gold.
    • 14K gold.
    • Blue sapphire and a diamond for each ring tree.
    • The inside of the ring is convex in a comfortable “comfort zone”.
    • 100% handmade.

    Rich in meaning, delicate compositions, meaningful & artistic solution. The work is resistant to changes in fashion and style.

    Individual jewelry is created for specific people, according to specific orders.

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