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After all, there is no more accurate phrase than “Life is a Jewel” ?
Because it is! All its daily, small and big events, its whole long journey are the true inspiration.
Therefore, YURGA’s creations – jewelry of life’s most beautiful moments – even the most modest jewels will always be accompanied by meaningful stories.

And, of course, our little bird, which is a symbol of freedom and joy of life.

Not a beautiful swan, not a strong eagle – a cheerful and free bird! Awakening Spring after Winter with its song.

Therefore, the most illustrative piece of YURGA jewelry: The Pendant “Nest”

Designed for mother and child together. While the child is small, the “Nest” will decorate the mother, but One Beautiful Day, the little bird from the center of the ornament will be taken out and given to a child ready to fly.

One pendant will become two. The bird will leave a cozy nest to be strong, free and happy!

The jewelry we create always has a story – it is reflected not only in the name, but also in packaging, passports, certificates.

The entire creative and production process takes place in our Spanish workshop in Galicia and in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Our jewelry is made by hand, so it can always be easily personalized. Many one-of-a-kind pieces created for a specific family or person!

We work only with precious metals – silver and gold.