• Ring with Emerald Letter “i”

    • A unique piece of jewelry.
    • This ring has individually cut and matched gemstones.
    • Emeralds.
    • Yellow, contrasting gold.
    • Handmade.

    Subtly artistic, geometrically natural and reflective ring.

     It’s custom made. Each ring will slightly differ, because each one is handmade, absolutely unique. However, the composition, character and stylistics of the ring are maintained. Also you could order another letter, of course.
    A more poetic description – below.

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  • Wedding Rings for Rūta & Francisco

    • Graphical drawing, like an illustration, full of meaning and symbolism.
    • Created by hand.
    • 14K solid gold.
    • Two textures are combined – the matte, rough and contrasting background of the flowers and their polished ornaments.
    • There is no “bad side” – the rings are ornamental on all sides.
    • The inside is a convex “comfort zone”.

    When rings “follow a story”: they are created for a specific, authentic and unique couple. Artistic and timeless.

    A more detailed description can be found below. 

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  • Wedding Rings “Home” with Hidden Initials

    • The ideal combination where meaning meets great design.
    • White and rose gold.
    • Two textures are combined – polished and matte.
    • For wedding rings, the best quality (strong and resistant) 14K gold;
    • The inside is slightly convexed with a “comfort zone”.

    Minimalistic, playful and artistic composition. There is a lot of symbolism and meaning that is important to the family. One of YURGA’s finest creations.

    Rings created for a specific Family as an individual order. A more detailed description of the composition can be found below.

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  • Two Unique Wedding Rings

    • Authentic design always reflects, distinguishes the one and only Pair!
    • The rings are handmade.
    • Individual, unique design and composition.
    • Yellow 14K solid gold (the best and most resistant for wedding rings);
    • Inside – a “comfort zone”, a convenient, practical convexity.

    Subtle, elegant & meaningful design. Extraordinarily simple, casually impressive & artistic.

    One-of-a-kind, custom-made Wedding Rings. A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Ring “Moth” With Emerald

    • A one-of-a-kind piece.
    • Handcrafted.
    • 18K gold;
    • Emerald (1,7ct);
    • Yellow gold, decorated with black rhodium.
    • Weight – 14.8g;
    • Uniqueness, exceptional composition, character and artistic value are the special face of this ring.

    YURGA unique and individual jewelry – resistant to time, not imitating the classics, distinctive and clearly distinguished from the work of other authors. More poetic description below.

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  • Ring with Individual Initials

    • Handcrafted and unique.
    • The inside is gently convex “comfort zone”.
    • Two gold colors are combined – white and contrasting pink polished gold (18K).
    • Diamonds and ruby.
    • 7 mm wide.

    Subtly, elegantly everyday, artistic and meaningful.

      Each individual order is produced and created in about three months.

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  • Unique and Individual Wedding Rings

    • Handmade.
    • Individual, unique design created for a specific couple.
    • The basis – the couple ‘s initials – is to create two different rings that combine common stylistics and shapes, but each has its own “character” and lettering.
    • Wedding rings: practical, everyday, hiding the symbolism dear to the couple and readable-unreadable signs for the outside eye.
    • Two golden colors and textures are combined.
    • Author – Jurga Lago.

    The most perfect design solutions are polished by everyday life.

    Unique and individual YURGA wedding rings are created only after ordering and discussing the design.

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  • Individual Wedding Rings with Initials

    • Combining two gold colors – pink & white.
    • Also mixing two textures – polished & matte gold.
    • The inside of the rings are comfortably convex.
    • 14K solid gold;

    Four different initials of the couple are subtly intertwined.

    Each pair of wedding rings is created for a specific couple, comes in a unique, handmade, individual design.

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  • Individual Ring with Aquamarine

    • The ring is custom made.
    • Yellow 18K gold.
    • Aquamarine.
    • Two textures are combined – matte and polished gold.
    • The basis and axis of the composition of the ring is a gemstone, which is boldly raised above the horizontal of the ring, repeating the motif of the trees (symbolic garden) on the back of the ring.
    • The handmade and authentic, cozy and inviting YURGA composition.

    Each individual order is created by hand, combining the composition of the ring with the customers, searching for the most perfect solution, but maintaining the authentic style and exclusivity of the designer Jurga Lago.

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  • Individual Wedding Rings for a Couple

    • Designed for a specific Family.
    • White and rose 14K gold, and a diamond in a woman’s ring.
    • Visually, the rings, like Lego blocks, line up with each other.
    • Handmade.
    • Time-resistant, personal, modern and at the same time classic design.
    • The symbolism of the flowers is unreadable to the outside eye, the composition is central.

    They are as different as the couple themselves, as is their love story.

    Created in about two months.

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  • Gold and Diamond Bracelet “Ice”

    • Incredibly masterful work of the jeweler and elegant, delicate, classic design.
    • Unique, one-piece jewelry.
    • Created to individual order – the name of the jewelry is influenced by the initials of the customer, as well as the design itself.
    • Handmade.
    • 18K gold with diamonds.

    Sensitive subtlety and masterful quality of work.

    A more detailed description of the jewelry – below. Collection of special, artistic and most luxurious jewelry – Jurga Lago.

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  • Family Amulet

    • A unique piece of jewelry, the axis of the composition of which is the initials of the family.
    • Handmade.
    • Different gold (white and rose) textures and colors are combined.
    • Decorated with a zodiac stones.

    Unique, laconic, graphic and at the same time meaningful.

    It’s custom made. Handcrafted. Designed by Jurga Lago. If you wish to create your own piece, follow our Individual Jewelry Guide.


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  • Individual Male Amulet

    • Unique and manly pendant.
    • Handmade.
    • Created by combining white and yellow gold.
    • Decorated with four subtle diamonds.
    • The amulet is hung on a pint of black leather cord. With gold clasp.

    A unique, authentic family amulet created by hand for a specific customer.

    Amulets are created only for individual customers: by combining details, graphics, shapes and materials. The encryption and description of the work, sketches and jewelry variations remain with the customer.

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  • Unique Men’s Gold Amulet

    • Subtle, individual and personal composition.
    • The amulet has no “bad” side – it is double-sided.
    • Created by combining white and yellow gold.
    • Decorated with white diamonds.
    • Handmade.
    • Delicately selected amulet cord, made of natural black leather, with a gold clasp.

    Unique, handmade, luxurious and at the same time casual jewelry. “Built” from meaning and symbolism.

    An individual order created by combining design and composition together with the ordering family.

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  • Composition for a Family with Initials

    • Absolutely authentic, unique and individual solution.
    • Graphics, calligraphy and jewelry in one composition of applied art – jewelry.
    • The ring consists of two parts.
    • The somewhat unusual, easily tapering shape of the rings on the back allows them to be comfortable in everyday life.
    • White, strong 14K gold is combined with contrasting rose gold. Two surface textures are also combined.
    • The rings are decorated with diamonds.
    • It is not only the symbolism, the drawing and the idea that are important in the composition – each line, its thickness, its direction, the merging of the lines and the “meeting” of the two rings – to be thoroughly considered and fulfilled.
    • Handmade.

    Artistic rings with the history and idea of one family – when the value of jewelry is defined not only by money. Playful and at the same time serious composition.

    An individual, unique piece created per custom order.

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  • Individual Family Ring “Garden”

    • A ring created by an individual family order – with specific details composed only for these people.
    • Two different textures – highlighting each other, combining matte and polished white gold.
    • 14K gold.
    • Blue sapphire and a diamond for each ring tree.
    • The inside of the ring is convex in a comfortable “comfort zone”.
    • 100% handmade.

    Rich in meaning, delicate compositions, meaningful & artistic solution. The work is resistant to changes in fashion and style.

    Individual jewelry is created for specific people, according to specific orders.

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  • Openwork Handmade Golden Heart

    • Stylized gold ‘lace’ – intricate, meticulous and authentic handmade.
    • Deliberately chosen correctly – an irregular form.
    • The heart is designed for a specific family.
    • Rose 18K gold;
    • Precious stones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires.
    • In the center – a great family sapphire – a family heritage.
    • A hand-embroidered and sewn silk ribbon is matched to the jewelry.

    Restrained luxury & modern classics.

    A slightly broader description of the Heart can be found below. The creation and execution of jewelry took almost a year.

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  • Handmade Original Pendant “Sky”

    • Polished sterling silver.
    • And solid, rose 14K gold clouds;
    • Handmade.
    • The pendant is decorated with blue topaz.
    • Subtle, elegant, authentic and meaningful composition.
    • Handmade embroidered aged silk ribbon designed specifically for this pendant.

    Unique, singular and artistic jewelry.

      Custom made only. 

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  • Unique ring with the letter “i”

    • A unique ring with the letter “i” where the rough and archaic texture goes hand in hand with the stylized letter of the customer’s name.
    • Handmade.
    • Individual, unit order.
    • Combines two different colors of gold: white and pink.
    • And diamond.
    • Time-resistant, well-thought-out, subtly crafted jewelry.

    A cozy ring for everyday, yet at the same time personal, meaningful & stylish.

    A more detailed description of the work can be found below.

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  • Pearl necklace with “Lily” clasp

    • A necklace of classic character and at the same time unique with a stylized accent – a Lily clasp.
    • The Lily was chosen for its meaning & symbolism.
    • Natural, gray selected pearls.
    • Polished 18K gold: the clasp along with the gold bubbles between pearls.
    • Handmade.

    Classic, subtlety & luxury together, in one composition.

    Custom made.

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  • Golden Heart with Initials

    • Delicate and cozy heart shape, the customer’s initials – the basis of the composition.
    • Combines two different textures: matte and polished surface, two gold colors.
    • Gold 18K (750 fineness);
    • Diamonds.
    • The composition is hung on a gold chain, or a great organza ribbon.
    • Handmade.
    • The pendant is created in combination with playful, cozy earrings.

    Minimalist, but at the same time elegant, rich & classic jewelry.

    A more detailed description is below. Custom made.

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  • Family Amulet with Initials

    • Double sided pendant.
    • Composed of family letters and initials.
    • Rose gold 18K (750 fineness);
    • Rubies and diamonds.
    • Handmade.
    • Can be hung on an organza ribbon, or a gold chain.

    Artistic, original, yet at the same time cozy & meaningful jewelry.

    A more detailed description can be found below. Custom made!

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  • Unique Gold Pendant Letter “I”

    • A delicate letter “i” resembling a small seedling, flower blossom, or plant.
    • Combines two white gold textures – matte and polished.
    • Brilliant.
    • Handmade.
    • Diameter – 10 mm.
    • Next to this pendant is a small, cozy heart – they can be worn together or separately. Two different chains are combined – one longer, the other shorter.

    Casual, cozy and at the same time elegant jewelry.

    Custom order – one of a kind!

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  • Unique Golden Initial Letter “S”

    • Delicate, jeweler’s skillful performance and playful composition.
    • 18K gold.
    • Diamonds.
    • Handmade.

    Careful performance and delicate diamond insertion alongside a playful composition.

    YURGA Custom Order, Unique Jewelry.

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  • Pendant with Initial and Birdie

    • An original and accurate solution that integrates a beautiful story and an “R” initial.
    • Pink, delicate gold. 18K (750 fineness);
    • Diamonds (‘pave’ technique).
    • Handmade.
    • Pendant diameter – 22mm.
    • Artistic, stylish, resistant to fashion and style change.

    Singular, unique, designed to store memories.

    A more detailed description is below. Custom order.

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  • Family Amulets

    • In the middle – the letters “S” and “I” in polished gold;
    • Combines two textures, two colors.
    • One pendant is decorated with amber, the other with a stylized meteorite.
    • Handmade.

    Authentic, minimalist, yet at the same time symbolic jewelry.

    A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Pearl Necklace with Initials

    • Subtly ornate design – the necklace can be worn in two ways – with a clasp on the front or on the back.
    • White, calibrated, natural freshwater pearls.
    • Specially processed gold.
    • Two different textures and colors are interweaved.

    Handmade, special and at the same time classic design.

    Custom order.

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  • Family Amulet for Three Beautiful Generations

    • A custom, unique and original piece of jewelry created for children by the order of grandparents.
    • Designed for a beautiful everyday life.
    • Full of family symbolism, which is restrained and invisible to a foreign eye.
    • Sophistication … lies behind the abundance of ornaments – that’s the idea.
    • The amulet is made of two gold parts – white and pink. It opens and two small symbolic amulets for grandchildren are stored inside.
    • 18K gold & diamond.
    • Special hand-sewn silk ribbon.

    Full of meanings – a timeless custodian of family symbols.

    A more detailed description is below. The work was created in half a year, its birthday was July 2021.

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  • Personalized Wedding Rings

    • Created with family symbols and initials.
    • 14K gold & diamonds.
    • Two different gold surface textures are combined.
    • The diamonds are set up so that their inlay suits the character and style of the letters.
    • Handmade.
    • Laconic, decorative and at the same time gentle floral style, combined with the aesthetics that the family likes.
    • Ring – without a “bad side”: ornamental from the front and from the back.
    • The men’s ring and the woman’s ring are slightly different, but are combined by a “common denominator” – shape, gold color and a pleasing, unifying sign.
    • The rings are comfortable and practical, inside – a slightly convex “comfort zone”;

    Distinctiveness and authenticity.

    The creation and production of individual rings usually takes about a couple of months – the most difficult part is the discovery of the “key” to their design.

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  • Wedding Rings Created for a Couple

    • Unique, individual and authentic design of one Family.
    • Made of 18K gold, adorned with diamonds.
    • Decorated with an archaic, handmade (hammered) texture.
    • The inside of the rings is a comfortably convex “comfort zone”.
    • Combines two different textures, two different colors of gold.
    • Black rhodium-plated, luxurious surface.
    • Family initials and hidden, cozy symbolism are the main key of the composition.

    Unique, special, individual design.

    Rings created by hand, with a special design and meaning. Their creative process and production took about three months. Custom order.

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  • Ring with Family Insignia

    • Unique, singular, authentic jewelry.
    • The ring is decorated with initials, which is the main axis of its composition.
    • Custom built.
    • Flamed and polished sterling silver.
    • Rose gold 14K;
    • Decorated with a delicate diamond.
    • Handcrafted.
    • Designer – Jurga Lago.

    Unique, special, luxurious and at the same time cozy, symbolic and meaningful jewelry.

    Created as demanded. A further description can be found below. 

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  • Individual Singular Family Amulet

    • This piece of jewelry is designed for a specific family, with an exceptional history.
    • Decorated with the initials of the whole family.
    • Double-sided.
    • The pendant has no downside.
    • Made of delicately textured silver, gold and diamonds.
    • An ideal, delicate and meaningful heart shape.
    • The central composition, the initials are not readable to the outside eye, and the composite axis is a blooming flower.

    A gift for Life!

     Created as demanded. Always different and unique. A further description can be found below.

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    I know you will say that chain is not much of an artwork.

    But you need a sharp eye to notice:  usually, chains are factory-made, with factory-made clasps, looking all the same – no matter how you weave it, how you display it, this factory work will always be lifeless, obviously “standard”.

    YURGA has its own custom chain – handcrafted, where all the soldering points are done by hand, where the clasp is an old-fashioned hook, which can take heavyweight and force!   Just like with a lot of our creations, the beauty of this chain is in its simplicity, it has been tested by time, made many times and it is an excellent match to all our jewelry.  This chain features the customer’s lucky stone which is a gift….from the grandmother!

    Gold 18K, sapphire.

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  • Custom Order: Pendant With Emerald

    • This pendant is laconic in its form, yet stuns with its beautiful emerald, which is the main accent of this composition.
    • Handcrafted, custom, and unique piece.
    • Yellow 18K gold, emerald & leather.
    • Design – Jurga Lago. YURGA jewelry


    When making a one-of-a-kind, individual piece, it is important to “find” and create the one and only personal composition, to preserve the functionality, practicality, and beauty of the piece, to make it unique, encompassing not only elegance and style but being resistant to the everchanging winds of fashion.  It is important to find your personal symbolism, to select the materials, choose the design, agree on the price and delivery date.  Please see below for a more detailed description of the pendant. All the details of the order can be coordinated via email where you will meet our designer Jurga Lago.  Write to us at sales@yurgajewelry.com  or connect with us via live chat below.

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    Gold pendant EYE – a one-of-a-kind creation, made from white and rose gold, decorated with a giant sapphire.  Each ray has a meaning.

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  • Golden Votive Heart

    • One-of-a-kind, custom, unique creation for a family of devoted Christians, not subject to reproduction.
    • Handcrafted.
    • Gold and diamonds.
    • Design – Jurga Lago, YURGA jewelry house.

    This Gold votive heart is not meant to decorate, it is meant to protect, witness, and be thankful.  The handwork and execution technique emphasizes and adapts to the old Christian tradition

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  • Pendant “Love”

    • Openwork, luxurious and at the same time classic and “extremely simple” shape jewelry, embodying only the very essence – the heart of the symbol of love.
    • Handmade.
    • 18K gold plated with rhodium.
    • Sapphires, diamonds and in the center – a wonderful pink tourmaline.
    • The chain is designed for a pendant inlaid with diamonds; 18K gold plated with rhodium; Length – 40 cm;
    • Pendant dimensions: 40 mm – 25 mm;
    • Weight: 32g;

    A unique, singular work by Jurga Lago.

    Created for a private collection by individual order.

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  • Pendant “Gold Heart”

    • The truest reward for … Love.
    • A special handmade piece designed to be a symbol of luxurious simplicity by YURGA jewelry.
    • Handmade white and rose 18K gold & ruby (1.1 ct);
    • Weight: ~ 16.41 g;

    Individual, one-of-a-kind, handmade work;

    A more detailed poetic description can be found below.

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An individual order consists of two processes –  the creation of a design and production of the piece of jewelry.

Feel free to leave your name, E-mail address, as well as what type of jewelry you’d like. It’s also important to agree on a date on which you’d like to receive the jewelry, because some pieces require lengthy periods of planning and handcrafting. We will contact you and agree on the details of your personal order.

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