Gold Composition for a Family with Initials and Diamonds

  • Absolutely authentic, unique and individual solution.
  • Graphics, calligraphy and jewelry in one composition of applied art – jewelry.
  • The ring consists of two parts.
  • The somewhat unusual, easily tapering shape of the rings on the back allows them to be comfortable in everyday life.
  • White, strong 14K gold is combined with contrasting rose gold. Two surface textures are also combined.
  • The rings are decorated with diamonds.
  • It is not only the symbolism, the drawing and the idea that are important in the composition – each line, its thickness, its direction, the merging of the lines and the “meeting” of the two rings – to be thoroughly considered and fulfilled.
  • Handmade.

Artistic rings with the history and idea of one family – when the value of jewelry is defined not only by money. Playful and at the same time serious composition.

An individual, unique piece created per custom order.


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