1. The www.yurgajewelry.com electronic store belongs to “YURGA”, UAB, company code: 300648523. The rules of the electronic store (hereinafter – the Store) (hereinafter – the Rules) apply to the Customer when ordering and purchasing products at www.yurgajewelry.com
  2. “YURGA”, UAB has the right to adjust the rules. The rules apply to all Customers ordering in this Store.
  3. The copyright of the visual and textual information of the YURGA brand products of the jewelry house, published on the website www.yurgajewelry.com, belongs to “YURGA”, UAB (hereinafter – YURGA). Copyright is protected by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and international legal acts.
  4. Before placing an order, the Customer must familiarize himself with the Rules.
  5. “YURGA”, UAB is not responsible for losses incurred (material or moral) in cases where the problems were caused by the Client disregarding the information in the Rules.
  1. All YURGA jewelry house’s precious metal products have the stamp of JV “Lietuvos Prabavimo rūmai” with the quality corresponding to the product.
  2. The jewelry house YURGA products encrusted with precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds) have the corresponding quality certificates issued by JV “Lietuvos Prabavimo rūmai”.

The customer of the store is:

  1. An able-bodied natural person who has reached the age of majority, whose capacity is not limited by court order;
  2. A minor between fourteen and eighteen years of age who has the consent of parents or guardians to purchase the product;
  3. A legal person;
  4. Authorized representatives of all listed persons.
  1. When ordering goods, the Customer’s personal data necessary for the delivery of the goods must be specified: name, address, where the goods will be delivered, telephone number, e-mail post office
  2. YURGA ensures the Client’s confidentiality. The data provided by the Customer during the purchase are used only for the smooth execution of the service.
  3. YURGA undertakes not to disclose the Customer’s personal information to third parties, with the exception of Store partners who provide goods delivery or other services related to the submission or fulfillment of the Customer’s order. Any other exceptions to the disclosure of the Client’s personal information to third parties are agreed upon with the Client in all cases. In all other cases, any of the Client’s personal data may be disclosed to third parties only in accordance with the procedure provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

The procedure and conditions of order submission:

  1. After visiting the Store’s website, the customer chooses the products he likes. A basket of goods is formed based on his choice.

  2. After forming the basket of goods, the Customer must enter the data necessary for the delivery of the selected goods: name, surname, address where the goods will be delivered, phone number and additional information that may be important for the delivery of the ordered goods. The store confirms that the data provided by the Customer will be used only for the purpose of selling and delivering goods, without violating the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania for the protection of personal data.

  3. The customer must choose one of the available payment methods in the Store. At the same time, the method of delivery of the goods and the price of delivery are selected. The yurgajewelry.com store uses third-party information systems to perform monetary transactions.

  4. In the last step, an order is generated, which, when confirming, the Customer must make sure that all the data is correct.

  5. After familiarizing himself with the Store’s rules, the Customer confirms the conditions specified in them by ticking the “I agree with the Rules” statement.

  6. By approving the Rules, the Customer agrees that purchase documents – VAT invoices, which are also a guarantee of product quality – will be sent to the e-mail specified by him.

  7. After the customer confirms the order, the Store receives information about it. The order is considered submitted from the moment the Store receives confirmation from the customer’s chosen payment method that full payment for the goods has been made.

  8. The store, upon receiving a notification that the Customer has made a payment order, undertakes to fulfill the order and sends a confirmation of the goods order to the e-mail specified by the Customer. Order execution is starting.

  9. The order submitted by the customer is stored in the Store’s database, based on the requirements of the valid legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the term of storage of such data.

  10. YURGA reserves the right to cancel the order and its dispatch, informing the Customer through the contacts specified by him, when:

    a) the order is not paid for (in this case, the order is canceled after 10 calendar days from the order submission);

    b) we do not have the ordered product at the sales points, and the production time is not suitable for the buyer (in this case, the amount of money transferred by the Customer for the product and/or its delivery is returned).


  1. In Lithuania, goods are delivered within 4 working days, unless otherwise stated in the detailed description of the jewelry or product.
  2. After choosing the Courier delivery service, the Customer undertakes to indicate the exact delivery address, the name and surname of the recipient and the correct phone number of the recipient. The postal courier will deliver the goods only to the specified address, having previously called the recipient on the specified phone number, after receiving confirmation that the goods will be accepted. The delivery price of the courier service in Lithuania is EUR 4.
  3. Goods are delivered abroad by registered mail within 14 calendar days. Delivery price – 10 EUR. If you wish to receive the shipment earlier, please contact the YURGA manager by e-mail. by e-mail [email protected] or by phone +370 650 90704. Express delivery time and price abroad depends on the country or region.
  1. For each product in the Store, its properties are described.
  2. All jewelry is sold in original packaging with certificates of YURGA authorship.
  3. YURGA is responsible for the quality of its products and provides a two-year (24 months) warranty from the date of purchase, upon preservation and presentation of a document confirming this.
  4. If it is technically possible, at the customer’s request, YURGA can update or repair a piece of jewelry created by YURGA jewelry house: enlarge or reduce a ring, shorten or lengthen a necklace, make a lost earring, etc. These services are paid. After the end of the warranty service period, YURGA-made jewelry is also repaired for an additional fee.
  5. YURGA is not responsible for the fact that the size, shape, color or other parameters of the products purchased in the Store do not meet the Customer’s expectations due to the image settings of the device (mobile phone or computer) used by the Customer at the time of purchase.
  6. The Customer of the store agrees and undertakes to pay the price specified in the order.
  7. Prices in the Shop and in the order are indicated in euros.
  8. The store sells goods that meet the conditions stipulated in the order. In cases where the goods delivered to the Customer do not meet certain order requirements, the Customer agrees to immediately notify [email protected] or by phone +370 650 90704, and YURGA undertakes to take all necessary steps to eliminate existing defects, if such defects are caused by YURGA or the fault of third parties acting on its behalf.
  1. Pursuant to Article 6.362 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, if you have purchased a low-quality product in the Store, you can return it within 14 days from the date of purchase, before informing YURGA by e-mail [email protected], indicating the reasons and method of return.
  2. Based on the 2014 Government of the Republic of Lithuania July 22 by resolution no. 738 of the approved “Retail Trade Rules” point, pearls, precious stones, precious metals and their articles, except artificial costume jewelry, are non-returnable goods, except in cases where the seller agrees to accept or exchange them.
  3. In order to exchange or return a product that meets the quality requirements, but is not to your liking/not suitable, within 14 working days from the day of receiving the product, it should be delivered in the manufacturer’s packaging, with the YURGA author’s work certificate belonging to the returned product, a gem certificate (if any), and the Customer’s written upon request. The request must state the reason for the refund and the Customer’s bank account number for the refund.
  4. The Customer can deliver the goods to YURGA showrooms located on:

    – Trakų st. 16, in Vilnius;
    – Turgaus st. 10 in Klaipėda;
    – S. Daukanto st. 18 in Kaunas;

    Or sent by registered mail to the following address:

    YURGA Jewelry
    Mindaugo st. 32-10
    03214, Vilnius

  5. Until the moment when the returned product reaches YURGA jewelry house, it is the property of the Customer and his responsibility, therefore, when returning the product, the Customer must make sure whether he has properly packed it, whether it will not be damaged during shipping, or whether it will be delivered. Do not forget to save the registered mail number of the shipment.
  6. After receiving the shipment, the money is returned to the Customer within 14 working days to the account specified in the written request.
  7. All costs (postal, customs, etc.) related to sending the returned product are paid by the Customer.
  8. YURGA reserves the right not to accept returned jewelry with signs of mechanical damage if it was caused by the buyer’s fault, improper care or wear.
  9. All questions and disagreements regarding the return or exchange of products are resolved through negotiations. If negotiations fail, the State Consumer Rights Protection Service is contacted.
  10. The buyer can submit requests or complaints on the electronic consumer dispute resolution platform: http://ec.europa.eu/odr/