Gold Brooch “Lil’ Linen”

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  • Handmade, unique jewelry.
  • Rose 18K gold.
  • Black diamond.
  • Linen is a piece of jewelry with ‘your face’, character and exclusivity – which is very important in today’s design.
  • This brooch is a “daughter” brooch “Linen”, so these two jewelry can become a great gift for two – a mother and a daughter, for example.
  • Perfect and non-banal to other YURGA jewelry (silver or gold), even different in its style!
  • Design by Jurga Lago.

Minimalist, subtle, artistic.

If we were to not have a Lil’ Linen brooch in our online store today, it would take up to five weeks to produce and certify it. When ordering individually, you can choose another gold color (yellow, white or rose) or gemstone, (then the price of the brooch would change), of course. A more detailed description can be found below.

Gold Brooch Lil’ Linen :

A wonderful, meaningful and at the same time rich conciseness. Some minimalism can be gorgeous!

Absolutely handmade brooch Lil’ Linen, which symbolizes a new beginning, growth, flowering. Linen is a treasured and meaningful plant for Lithuanians. Our folklore, songs and art are full of it.

YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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