Silver, gold and ruby brooch "Aphrodite". Handmade. Our birds always watch the world through human eyes! YURGA classic, collection "Birds"

Silver and Ruby Brooch “Aphrodite”

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  • Absolutely handmade, so no two brooches are alike. Each one is unique, special, different.
  • Flamed sterling silver surface, loved by YURGA, processed with a unique technique;
  • Emphasis is placed on archaism, hand-made, individuality.
  • The brooch is decorated with six rubies.
  • All details – solid, rose gold (no gilding).
  • YURGA birds are characterized by a stylized, decorative bird shape reminiscent of a child’s drawing.

An artistic and meaningful, timeless, serious gift.

If we were to not have an Aphrodite brooch in our online store today, it will take five weeks to make. A more detailed description is below.

Silver and Ruby Brooch Aphrodite :

Silver and Ruby Brooch “Aphrodite”. In Greek mythology – the goddess of love and beauty. The embodiment of beauty and eternal youth. When she walks, radiant with her beauty, the sun shines brighter, flowers bloom more luxuriantly, wild beasts rush to her from the thick of the forest, birds fly in flocks. Lions, panthers and bears humbly crouch at her feet. Aphrodite calmly walks among the beasts of the forest, symbolizes the invincible force of nature, the cosmos full of life, powerful all-pervading love. Bearer of fertility, eternal spring and life.

Our birds always watch the world through human eyes!

YURGA Birds collection.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Precious Metal

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