Silver and Rose Gold Brooch with Ruby “Aphrodite”

  • Absolutely handmade, so no two brooches are alike. Each one is unique, special, different.
  • Flamed sterling silver surface, loved by YURGA, processed with a unique technique;
  • Emphasis is placed on archaism, hand-made, individuality.
  • The brooch is decorated with six rubies.
  • All details – solid, rose gold (no gilding).
  • YURGA birds are characterized by a stylized, decorative bird shape reminiscent of a child’s drawing.

An artistic and meaningful, timeless, serious gift.

If we were to not have an Aphrodite brooch in our online store today, it will take five weeks to make. A more detailed description is below.


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Silver and Rose Gold Brooch with Ruby “Aphrodite”
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