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    Jewelry Stand: Yurga Jewelry has a beautiful and meaningful Jewelry Stand with an envelope. The stand is designed not only for long-term remembrance, exhibition, but also for the joy of the moment of giving. As always – elegant, sympathetic.

    Dimensions: 14.5 x 9.5 cm.
    Stand and envelope price – 3.50 Eur Stands:

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  • Silver Pendant “Turquoise Berry”

    • Delicate, elegant silver pendant with a thick berry.
    • It can be a minimalist and laconic self-pendant, or go well with others.
    • Silver, natural turquoise.
    • Berry diameter: 5mm
    • Part of the YURGA Herbarium collection.

    Silver pendant turquoise berry – a beautiful and meaningful gift.

    If we did not have a Turquoise Berry Pendant  in our YURGA online store at the moment, its production will take four weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Silver “Garnet Berry”

    • A minimalist and stylish pendant for those who believe in the power of stones.
    • One will look subtle, or it will go well with another YURGA pendant – plants from the Herbarium collection and a bird>. Pendant;
    • Silver and polished garnet.
    • The diameter of the pomegranate berry is about 5 mm
    • Part of the YURGA Herbarium collection, which contains a wide variety of ‘berries’ of minerals and stones.
    • Silver and Garnet berry is a laconic and stylish pendant. You need to choose a suitable chain, hang it and combine it with another pendant, or Herbarium necklace.

    A subtle gift.

    If we were to not have this Gernet Berry Pendant in the YURGA online store today, it will take about four weeks to produce. A more detailed description of the pendant is below.

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  • Silver Pendant “Amethyst Berry”

    • Minimalist, elegant pendant – designed to be a stand-alone piece of jewelry, or in combination with other YURGA pendants.
    • Adapts to the wardrobe and turns a regular pendant into a different composition. If the amethyst is your stone, this delicate pendant will be a great gift for yourself!
    • Silver and natural amethyst.
    • Amethyst berry diameter – 5 mm
    • Part of the Herbarium collection consisting of parts of different silver or gold plants, flowers or grasses. The collection is designed to create your own necklace – to collect its plants for various occasions of life, to strap them into one garland of memories.

    Silver Pendant with Amethyst Berry – a subtle hint, gift and accent.

    If we do not have an Amethyst Berry Pendant today in our YURGA online store, then the stock of amethyst berries is exhausted, then it will take up to four weeks to acquire and produce them. A more detailed description of the berry can be found below.

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