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  • Handmade Silver Chain

    • Elegant, strong, delicate and ideal for all YURGA jewelry.
    • Absolutely handmade.
    • Sterling silver.
    • You can select the desired chain length.

    Handmade. Elegant yet practical and versatile at the same time.

    Production of the YURGA handmade chain takes up to four weeks. Select the desired length below.

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  • Pendant “Fiesta”

    110.00 75.00
    • The Fiesta pendant – a garnet burning like a warming sun and many of our happy birds flying home.
    • Polished sterling silver, garnet.
    • Size: 30 mm.

    If we were to not have the Fiesta pendant in our online store at the moment, its production would take up to three weeks. A further description can be found below.

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  • Silver Pendant “Little Lily”

    • Silver Pendant Little Lily : she is not just called the queen of flowers – her appearance is reminiscent of a scepter, her beauty is enchanting, so the flower is associated with power, rule, prosperity, and at the same time – mercy. The stylized lily flower is a royal sign in heraldry. The white lily is a symbol of virginity, chastity, identified in Christianity with the Virgin Mary. White lily – the oldest species of lily!
    • Sterling silver.
    • The lily can be paired with our silver chain, organza ribbon, or even a necklace of stones or pearls. To add it to the collection of other Herbarium plants, it is best to purchase our silver Herbarium chain.
    • Size: approximately 10 mm. x 12 mm.

    If we were to not have a Little Lily in our  online store at the moment, it would take up to three weeks to produce.

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  • Pendant “Birthday”

    • This heart is created by one and only – the others will be different. So – I boldly write – one of a kind!
    • Handmade.
    • Silver, gold and sapphire.
    • Can be hung on a chain (heart chain – handmade), available on a ribbon or velvet ribbon.

    This pendant’s production & certification will take three weeks.

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