Amulet “Mom & Kiddo”

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  • A heart that protects a cozy home, memories and life.
  • Two-sided composition: looks great on both sides, but the idea is for the bird to fit close to the mother’s chest.
  • Handmade. Therefore, each pendant (arrangement of gems) will be a little different – that’s all the beauty!
  • Gold 18K (750 fineness).
  • Diamonds ~ 0.06 ct, rubies ~ 0.04 ct and sapphires ~ 0.36 ct.
  • Pendant weight ~ 1.59 g.
  • Heart width ~ 10 mm, height ~ 15 mm. Birdie ~ 9 x 4 mm.
  • A decorative, delicate and comfortable hook that can accommodate one or two more birds, creating a whole beautiful “bouquet”.
  • The price of the pendant is indicated with one small bird (with a diamond in the hole). He is in the picture, close to his heart.
  • The chain must be chosen separately (organza ribbon, silk cord is also perfect). A chain donated by my grandmother would also be ideal for an amulet (three generations would be symbolically combined in one composition).
  • The composition includes Mom and Baby and the Gold Pendant Small Brilliant Bird But if you want to choose it, write to us in the comments to adapt the hanging ring. (We attach a photo of this pendant below, the section “also fits.” The Brilliant Small Bird was photographed here and on our little model.

Classic, meaningful and time-resistant design.

If we were to not have our Mom and Kiddo amulet in the YURGA online store today, it would take about two months to produce.

Amulet Mom & Kiddo :

Designed to be a symbol that protects memories. The Amulet will be a gift from the mother to the child when One Beautiful Day comes, a great opportunity to give a gift. Maybe his 18th birthday? Maybe graduation? Or maybe it’s just an important date for the family to be meaningful. A heart-nest that seals a bird, protects, cares for and warms it – until it is ready to fly!

YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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