Amulet With Removable Gold Heart

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  • The most meaningful gift.
  • The gold heart can be taken out and becomes a self-contained pendant. This composition consists of two “independent” pendants.
  • Handmade.
  • A beautiful and meaningful combination of two precious metals – an oxidized silver heart and polished, contrasting, small gold hearts created with an ancient prison technique. Silver is considered the metal of the soul, gold is the symbol of the material, earthly beginning.
  • The little heart is decorated with blue sapphire.
  • The large one has three diamonds inlaid with gold.
  • The chain or ribbon should be chosen separately – the family’s grandmother’s, grandmother’s or grandmother’s chain would fit perfectly into this composition – so the jewelry would approach a really valuable family relic. The heart’s archaic character and elegant style make it weather-resistant, yet modern today and tomorrow.
  • Gold is always solid, no gilding.
  • When ordering individually, the composition can be changed, gemstones can be chosen (then the price of the jewelry would change).
  • Every heart will be a little different, different – it is impossible to create two identical, identical jewelry, and in it all its value, meaning and beauty.

When jewelry has not only a price but also value, meaning and a beautiful history.

Production of this composition will take up to five weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

Amulet With Removable Gold Heart :

It is no coincidence that YURGA is also called the “master of hearts” – this symbol and sign accompanies the work of designer Jurga Lago from the very beginning and subtly adapts to different customers, changing times and various materials.

The story of this piece of jewelry is absolutely beautiful: the heart lives at home – in a big heart protected by two caring birds, until that Beautiful Day comes, when Dad or Mom will take the heart out and give it to an adult child. For his high, intoxicating, independent flight! Releasing children is just as important as raising them, they say. 🙂

Here in the photos is just one of the many variations of hearts created by YURGA. Emphasis on handwork, a kind of roughness is the beauty of this heart, contrasting with polished surfaces and precious materials. By ordering the heart of YURGA, everyone will be different, each with their own story, with their own unique composition. Only in the center of each big heart will be removed the small heart and the big heart left for the mother, decorated with stones you like and the right symbolism. When ordering a heart individually, its design and materials can be chosen. All you have to do is write us a letter or message below, in a ‘live chat’.

The jewelry can be combined with a handmade chain, or maybe a> Yurga organza ribbon or a velvet ribbon will fit? According to individual orders, we also create a natural silk, hand-embroidered ribbon-scarf for the family amulet.

Jewelry that is time and fashion resistant.

Unique, handmade YURGA creation.

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