Brooch “Bird with Tourmalines”



  • The perfect combination of the subtle, iconic shape of the YURGA bird and a serious, authentic metalwork technique.
  • Pink and green tourmaline cabochons. Soft, deep and carefully contrasting colors.
  • Rose 14K gold – all details are made of only solid (no gold plating or gilding)!
  • Flamed sterling silver;
  • Brooch dimensions: 68 mm x 48 mm;
  • Emphasis is placed on handwork.

Artistic, characteristic & unique.

This brooch can only be made to order. Each time it will be a little different – it is simply not possible to make two of the same and that is not our goal, but the design, proportions, amount of gems and colorfulness of this brooch are preserved. The design, crafting & certification processes will take up to five weeks.

Brooch Bird with Tourmalines :

One of the many great birds created by our hands – for flight, beauty and experiencing the world. A real creative adventure, because the texture of the bird is created using the extra special YURGA’s favorite, authentic technique, carefully flaming the silver surface with fire. Each time – a challenge, each time with an unexpected result, and this technique is “confessed” only by our experienced masters.
Subtly combined contrasting tourmaline cabochons create an impression of serenity and solidity, although the bird itself is fabulous, fun and has the fire of childhood! A work of art that YURGA attributes to its special Birds collection.