Sąsagos Gedimino stulpai

Cufflinks “Columns of Gediminas”

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  • Cufflinks Columns of Gediminas are handmade.
  • Their lightly flamed silver texture accentuates the prominent ornaments of polished silver – Columns of Gediminas.
  • Cufflinks are ornate, symbolic and meaningful, but also great and stylish in everyday life.
  • Sterling silver.

If we were to not have these cufflinks in our store at the moment, their production would take up to four weeks.

Cufflinks Columns of Gediminas :

This sign can also be called the Gediminaičiai columns. Initially, it was only a symbol of the ruler and power – it appeared during the reign of Duke Vytautas (1397) – his personal coat of arms.

Later, the sign became the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, therefore we find it on the coins of Vytautas, Kazimieras, Sigismund the Elder and Sigismund Augustus.

Over time, the pillars of the Gediminas became a sign of the Lithuanian state from the dynastic symbol.

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