Delicate Ring “Strands”

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  • Symbols of strength, sustainability, prosperity and growth.
  • Emphasis is placed on handwork.
  • Each ring is unique, exclusive, unique.
  • 18K gold, diamond 0.24ct.
  • When ordering the ring, you can choose the color of gold: yellow, pink or white (coated with rhodium).

Exclusive, unique, handmade, singular jewelry.

When ordering a ring, it will take three weeks to manufacture, test and certify the gemstone. A more detailed description is given below. Each ring will be different because it is impossible to create two of a kind. However, we will keep the overall composition, style and authentic design.

Delicate Ring Strands :

The paths of life are intertwined, like the roots or branches of a tree. Into one “socket” and a ring whose lines will never break the twisted thread. This ring is like a symbol of infinity, only more natural. Natural, chaotic, inert threads are a sign of strength, sustainability and longevity.

Part of the YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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