Auskarai Jurginai
Auskarai Jurginai

Earrings “Dahlias”


  • Amazing, precise and delicate handwork.
  • Polished sterling silver;
  • Decorated with solid drops of gold. Or you can choose full-silver Dahlias.
  • Dimensions: Dahlia’s ring diameter – 18mm;
  • With earring hook – about 35 mm;
  • The indicated price is for a pair of earrings.

Delicate openwork and a moderate, cozy elegance.

If we didn’t have Dahlias earrings in our store at the moment, their production would take up to two weeks. A broader and more poetic description is given below.

Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver & 14K Gold

Earrings Dahlias:

like a fragile lace, created from the sun and beauty, surrounded by colorful warm meadows and reminiscent of elegant, already somewhat pretentious drawings of late childhood, because the dahlia – the prophet of Autumn – a flower of rich nature, absolute maturity of fullness and prosperity.

When nature matures in all its power and its magical fruits and flowers dazzle us with its beauty, while simply living in its beautiful daily life.

Part of the wonderful YURGA Collection Flores.

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