Gold and Diamond Bracelet “Ice”


  • Incredibly masterful work of the jeweler and elegant, delicate, classic design.
  • Unique, one-piece jewelry.
  • Created to individual order – the name of the jewelry is influenced by the initials of the customer, as well as the design itself.
  • Handmade.
  • 18K gold with diamonds.

Sensitive subtlety and masterful quality of work.

A more detailed description of the jewelry – below. Collection of special, artistic and most luxurious jewelry – Jurga Lago.

Gold and Diamond Bracelet Ice :

Created to individual order – by weaving an openwork pattern from four different initials. The letters merge organically into the ornament, are invisible to the naked eye, but at the same time they are the basis of the entire bracelet composition.

The impression and character of the bracelet is a cold, shining beauty, reminiscent of the element of the winter-born hostess – openwork, geometric and cold ice patterns, light snowflakes ornaments and snow shining in the sun.

White gold 18K, diamonds. Perfect, sturdy clasp, decorated with two symbolic YURGA birds and a dark, small, mysterious sapphire. A combination of exceptional craftsmanship and a classic, subtle design.

The bracelet is unique, unique, handmade.

YURGA Individual orders.

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