Gold Family Amulet

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  • A unique and original piece of jewelry resistant to changes of time and fashion.
  • Handcrafted.
  • It is possible to make a custom pendant, select the gold and gemstones.
  • Designer – Jurga Lago.
  • Gold 18K, diamonds & ruby.
  • Goes well with gold chains of different colors, or organza ribbon.

Symbolic and beautiful story.  Lasting value and exceptional design.

Production will take up to five weeks if we were to not have the Family Amulet in our YURGA store today.  A more detailed description can be found below.

Gold Family Amulet –

Unusual, beautiful, and COMMON story living within the hearts.  It holds more than any modern memory device can possibly fit: personal recollections and love.  It also holds communion, tradition, safety, and one long road, just like one melody for many instruments created for one magical tale.  Its heroes act as one.  The challenges, adventures, and wisdom that accompanies them, makes them richer, stronger, and more united.  When their hearts beat one rhythm and all heroes of the tale are birds of the same nest!

Let the light of the childhood fairy tales lead the way and inspire lives.  When One Beautiful Day, after growing up in a caring family, we would fly high into life, into its crisp sky – strong, happy, and powerful!

Rose and white gold 18K, diamonds, and ruby.  Handcrafted.

The large and the small heart of the Amulet are two separate pendants.  They complement each other, they look great together or separately.  They can be worn on gold chains, organza ribbons, or, perhaps, on a silk ribbon with your family initials embroidered by hand?  If you wish a custom Amulet, we will be happy to explore, create, and make it.

Family Amulet is a part of YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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