Gold Pendant “Lil’ Wheel”

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  • A pendant about being together, looking in one direction and an eternal, true friendship.
  • Handmade.
  • Solid 18K gold.
  • Ruby (0.05 – 0.08 ct);
  • Black diamonds (about 0.045 ct);
  • Wheel weight (approximate) – 1.4 g;
  • The chain can be adjusted and selected separately. Also suitable with an organza ribbon, a silk cord, and maybe a fun and contrasting necklace of our natural stones, which we call Fairies, or Sorcerers (because the traditional composition becomes unexpected).
  • Since the jewelry is always made by hand only, it will be a little different each time. When ordering individually, you can choose the color gold (white, pink, yellow).

A circle is like a miniature graphic image with the most beautiful meaning.

If we were to not have our Lil’ Wheel in YURGA online store today, it would take up to five weeks to produce. A more detailed and poetic description can be found below.

Gold Pendant Lil’ Wheel :

The creation of this ornament was inspired by the Baltic circle of life, which combines three differences: Spring (rebirth, youth, return from darkness to flowering), Summer (maturity, achievement and culmination of life), Winter (peace, serenity and a return to mild darkness).

A bright, red ruby is situated in the center – a connecting thread, symbolizing a warm, vital fire, or maybe – connecting blood ties? Each person’s choice gives the Wheel a different meaning and, of course, its own story.

Serious things and deep meanings are comfortably hidden under the playful graphics of the pendant, reminiscent of a childish drawing, we avoid banality, boring and meaningless forms.

The three birds traveling in a circle symbolize continuity, cyclicality and a never-ending state – friendship, love, communion.

YURGA DeLuxe jewelry.

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