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Gold Ring “Discovery”


  • When we find what is most important in life!
  • Handmade.
  • The ring is made of 18K gold.
  • 25 small diamonds adorning a bird, inserted in a technique (total 0.09 ct.); one 0.05 ct. diamond in a “grain” and a black 0.01 ct. diamond in a bird’s eye.
  • Dimensions: oval part with bird – 18 mm. wide and 15 mm. long.
  • Width of the ring part (around the finger) – 4 mm.
  • Weight: ~ 6.07 g. (weight varies depending on ring size).

Illustrative, ‘talking’ & meaningful jewelry!

If we were to not have the Discovery in our YURGA store at the moment, it would take up to five weeks to manufacture, test and certify it. A more detailed description of the ring can be found below.


Gold Ring Discovery :

Sometimes the world is small – when one person is enough for fullness! But the path was often long and that moment, that fateful moment when, it seems, you found a fallen star – the very essence of life, all its fresh essence, fits in one grain, one drop, one decision, one diamond – everything around it is enlightened and acquires meaning!

An amazing composition designed to be a noticeable, ornate, solid work of art. Resistant to time, retaining its value, meaningful and symbolic. One of the best design solutions of Jurga Lago.

When ordering this ring individually, the color of gold can be chosen (yellow, pink or white). The bird’s “feathers” are decorated with subtle ‘pave’ techniques inlaid with diamonds, and its eye glows with black diamonds,

The Discovery ring is part of the YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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