Aukso Žiedas su Briliantu Magma
Aukso Žiedas su Briliantu Magma

Gold Ring With Diamond “Magma”


  • Luxurious and impressive, but also “with a character”! Simply DIFFERENT. The ring’s eclectic texture is the key: Magma isn’t similar to other traditional “princess-like” diamond rings and will fit a unique and special person.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Impressive surface and execution technique.
  • 18K gold and a diamond.
  • The gold’s color can be selected: yellow, rose or white (rhodium coated).

Luxurious and impressive and ‘with character’!

If this ring or your size is currently not available in our store, the production & certification time might take up to four weeks.  A further description can be found below.

Rose Gold 18K
White Gold 18K
Yellow Gold 18K

Gold Ring With Diamond Magma –

Authentic, original, roughly textured piece “with a character”. Luxurious, differing itself from others and eye-catching, perfectly fitting your everyday, adapting itself and fitting with any attire and life’s moments. This is its great formula, justified even by today’s designs.

Its handcrafted nature is especially exemplified by the unique and authentic Magma texture and surface.

The gold’s color can always be selected: yellow, rose or white (rhodium-coated). The diamond – the main accent of this piece’s composition, however its purpose is to seem subtle, shine “when necessary” and be slightly unnoticeable – just as it is expected these days from true luxury.

Ring Magma – part of the YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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